Miss Eileen, a super duper awesome teacher with killer eyelashes from college (who never taught me, but I wish she had!) made her class list down about things that made them feel free. I thought this was an amazing idea and decided to do my own little list here too.

  • Writing
  • Education
  • Money in the bank *
  • The Internet
  • My blogs
  • Overcoming fears *
  • Meeting new people
  • Travelling
  • Cooking
  • My piercings
  • Escapism through movies and books *
  • Staying up late knowing that I can sleep in the next day *
  • Working while studying
  • Driving
  • Completing my assignments
  • Taking in account only myself when making decisions *
  • Making a difference
  • Taking charge of an event or project
  • Camwhoring
  • Great company
  • Interesting conversations *
  • Wearing only underwear when sleeping
  • Doing something without being judged
  • Saying sorry
  • Laying on a field at night while looking at the stars without a care in the world
  • When I’m not sweating *
  • Knowing roads
  • Being independent
* Inspired by Miss Eileen’s list because she’s just oh so awesome like that.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Freedom”

  1. I liked this list Jasmine. I’d like to contribute mine/philosophise on yours.

    Travelling alone is the most liberating feeling i’ve ever had…

    Second is Driving alone = the penultimate feeling of freedom (apart from being rich.. but who knows what that feels like?)

    The Internet is another awesome one. I like that, you aren’t just free to look at whatever you want, but you can also learn things (i.e. Cooking) that give you a further sense of freedom.

    Lol.. your blogs make ME feel free :P Its like, non-threatening stalking :P

    Piercings would make me feel not free :( Something about the symbolism of having metal stuck to my body.

    Not having to wake up at a certain time (i.e. some weekends)

    Any kind of holidays (public holidays/school holidays)

    How can I put this tactfully… Self pleasure. Self pleasure definitely symbolises not relying on the other gender to relieve any frustrations… I feel like you can obsess over someone (like, an unrequited crush or something) and it can be on your mind for hours, encompassing your whole thought process… but a little self relief, and all of a sudden you get your mind back on track & get them out of your head.

    Swearing… don’t know why… but being able to use any language and not censoring yourself.

    Walking the dog

    Showers/Swimming in the ocean/Anything to do with water… especially floating in water…. feeling weightless is super liberating.

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