Miss Malaysia! Woohoo!

Deborah Henry

It’s pageant fever and the whole world (well, Malaysia!) is screaming for Miss Deborah Henry.

Despite not owning a TV set or fast Internet (videos take ages to load!), I never fail to get myself updated with the pageant. Having a (guy) friend who’s addicted to the pageant is pretty dandy because he’s my walking talking TV and critique!

Being a Malaysian is the most proudest moment right now because of her, and I hope somebody tells her that because I feel that she has lifted a nation up and showing the world that we have what it takes to win the trophy too (well, Asians as a whole really).

Judging from pageant favourites and comments via blogs, websites, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, most local (Malaysian) and international fans of the pageant have Malaysia on their list of favourites which is incredible!

It’s insane how much pride is exuded over this gorgeous lady! Who wouldn’t be proud of her? She has both brains and beauty; beautiful, intelligent, witty, graceful, calm, composed and a charming personality too! Oh, and I love how amazing she is with her speech – voice. She has a very strong and womanly voice, the kind that would be both sexy and powerful at the same time.

I like how she neutralize the second question and not go for the “women give birth” answer. I hate how some comments say that “this is beauty pageant and not a ‘who is smart’ pageant”. What bull. It’s a pageant that celebrates both beauty and brains!

Preliminary round. I think Deborah is one of the few who did not shout into the mic with her introduction. Some of the girls literally shouted into it. OUCHHH!!! *closes ears*

Happy that Deborah is among the Top 5 best during the preliminaries! Click here to find out who else is in the Top 5!

Okay, ending my gushing over the Miss Universe pageant now! Best of luck to Miss Malaysia! Fingers crossed! By the way, do vote for Deborah or any of your favourite girls for the semifinals!

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “Miss Malaysia! Woohoo!”

  1. i love the way she speaks (: and that first photo of her on this post is STELLAR!! so freakin’ pretty, it’s a total outrage! lol. hope she does good!

    1. btw, just wanted to add (after watching the introduction video), i guess it’s true what people say about pretty faces not having good voices. lol. deborah’s really one of the lucky ones who has the best of both!! SO proud of her!! zomgg :D :D :D

      1. LOL! She IS stunning in the first photo! Just like a real queen! And yes! I agree with you on the voice part. I personally think that’s it’s so sexy to have those ‘strong, adult’ voices if you know what I mean. If you don’t have it, it’s okay. But it will definitely make you interesting in my cards if you have one!

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