Jasmine’s guide for the clubbing virgins.

I don’t club. I don’t dance. I don’t have money. I don’t have the clothes.

Those are some of the many reasons behind my ‘I don’t club’ reason.

My friends love going to clubs because they like dancing. I can’t dance. Period. I can move; swing left, swing right, go front, go back. The basics. I don’t even dance in my own room, unless you count shaking my head as dancing.

So yes, we have established the ‘Jasmine does not club’ thingy majigy.

But last Saturday, I finally made my way downtown to taste this highly talked about clubbing experience and I have to tell you, it was actually… not too bad. I recently bought a new wardrobe which I thought was perfect for a night out. My friend offered to buy me drinks and they were being supportive with me dancing weirdly, so I was all, “Why not? It’s time I break my clubbing virginity.”

“Don’t worry. Nobody will judge your dancing.” They said, confidently. Gee, thanks. *nervous!*

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Clubbing. This was my first official, dance on the dance floor, alcohol filled night out. Though I have been to clubs before, it was mostly for events. So I got pretty excited to be a part of the bright lights, loud music and pretty people doing their thing on the dance floor.

A lot of things can happen on the dance floor when you’re in ‘the moment‘. Here are just some things that I think clubbing virgins should bare in mind before actually hitting the dance floor.

Always bring flats, especially when you’re going to dance
I didn’t feel like wearing my heels that night, so instead, I opted for flats. Sure I was surrounded by girls my height who were 123545x taller than me because of their high heels, but I can tell that they were in a lot of pain. Only wear heels if you can dance in them comfortably or willing to stand the pain! *wink*

Carry light!
Plan on bringing your handbag that you bring on a daily basis? Bad move! You might want to consider bringing a smaller handbag or no handbag at all to the dance floor (If you can’t find anyone to hold it for you while you dance)! Imagine carrying the heavy weight on your shoulder. It can be very annoying when you’re having fun dancing.

Check out hot boys
Going to a club/bar is the best excuse for you to be checking out guys and returning a smile or a wink. “Don’t be a snob,” a friend of mine said. If he smiles at you, smile back. You’re hot and everyone wants you. Smile/wink wisely though!

Learn to say no or cover your backside with something
I have to say, being ‘grinded‘ is a bit creepy and disturbing. They’ll take your hips and swirl their body (or package) around your ass/back – your package. I find it uncomfortable since I was not used to it. What to do? Dance near a wall or a pot of flower to make your backside inaccessible (Haha! I love this term!) to all those grinders. It works somehow.

If the previous step fails, put out those secret weapons!
What’s the secret weapon? GAY FRIENDS! They’re amazing! My first clubbing experience was superb because my gay friend was there to ‘protect’ me from other wild boys. I went out to have some fun, not to bring home a guy or get grinded. So whenever a random guy(s) approach me, that friend of mine would come to the rescue, cock-block them from me and dance with them instead. He’d ask me if I wanted to dance with these boys and I don’t, so he’ll tell them that and decided to have them all for himself instead. It was hilarious but I somehow felt safe after that and making my first clubbing experience that more richer than before.


Okay, so I’m not some professional at giving out clubbing guides/advices or anything, but as a first time clubber giving out advices to other soon-to-be first timers, I guess these advices do come in handy at some point.

If you have any tips for first time clubbers or clubbing in general, do share!

I would loveeee to learn some new things from you! And I bet other first timers would too!


Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

16 thoughts on “Jasmine’s guide for the clubbing virgins.”

  1. Gotta say, this post was quite hilarious. I reckon it’s because it reminded me of the night I broke my clubbing virginity, so to speak. Having an older female stranger show me the ropes is still the most memorable thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t know about women, but I’m pretty used to grinding these days…used to freak me out a hell lot last time.

    Pro-tip for the first-time clubbers: just act like you’re supposed to be there and don’t let them know that you don’t know. Make yourself comfy, have a few drinks (getting wasted within 60 minutes is not “a few drinks”), meet new people and you’re guaranteed to have a good night!

    Great post, Jasmine. Looking forward to more posts like this one! ;)

    1. Hey Ryan! Thank you for the input and nice words! I love the “act like you’re supposed to be there” tip! That is so true! You have to ‘blend in’ so that they wouldn’t know you’re a virgin! I can’t wait to get used to clubbing since this whole thing is pretty new to me! When I was grinded, I freaked out but remained as cool as a cucumber though deep inside, I felt like screaming and running away. My friend and I laughed and continued dancing as if nothing happened but slowly positioned ourselves near a pot of plants. It was hilarious!

      Thank you for sharing and hope to hear more from you! :)

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  3. hii ! random , but i just read your post and i feel alil relieved righ now . i’ve been to functions before though i don’t consider them real ‘clubs’ since those were only for people under 19 and there were no alcohol involved . i’m going clubbin for the first time ever and im scared af cos im a virgin . any advice ? \:

    1. Hi Raven! Congratulations of finally popping your cherry! Lol. I guess the best advice I can give is to not be awkward. I think being awkward is the worse in clubs because you tend to worry about how you look, how you act, how you’re not acting etc.

      So best thing to do is to wear things that you are comfortable in or feel the most confident in, be with friends that you know you can just be yourself with without having to worry about what other people think of you and if you must need a bit of help, a little alcohol won’t hurt too, though you don’t necessarily have to consume any. I’ve a friend who’s allergic to alcohol but that never stopped her from having fun. So whenever we go out, she makes sure that she wears clothes that she feels confident in and just dance and have fun. Her choice of drink, water :D

  4. what kinda of music do the play? is it all loud and upbeat, like where all you do is basically jump up and down, or do they play songs you can actually dance to?

    1. Hi Tanya, thanks for commenting! Well, it all depends to which club or bar you go to. Some places play loud upbeat songs where you go basically jump up and down to (which is quite fun!), some places play club music like trance or something (which I don’t really know how to dance to!) etc. However, there are places that do play some really sing and dance-worthy songs, if you’re into those kinds of music just like me. :)

  5. Hi!
    I’m going clubbing tomorrow with my friends. I’ve gone out a few times with them, but I didn’t like it at all. I want to try it out again, but I’m a bit scared I will still dislike it. I don’t know what to wear, how much money to bring and I don’t like the music they play in clubs. And how do you dance? I think I’m just going to get drunk or something. But I don’t like alcohol. Ugh struggles. Lots of love, Paula

    1. Hey Paula! While one part of clubbing is the drinking part, a major part of it is all about hanging with your friends, having fun and DANCING! Don’t feel pressured to drink if you don’t want to, you just need to be strong in resisting those pressures. It probably take you a few tries to get used to saying no, but in time, you’d get used to it and realize that clubbing is not all about drinking, it’s about having fun (whatever your fun is!). In terms of what to wear, wear something that makes you feel confident and gorgeous! How much money? You can ask your friends about this! I don’t know where you’re from, but I usually fork out RM100 for a night out for the drinks that I want to buy myself. In terms of music, find a bar/club that you like, it takes time to find out what they are, but starting with knowing what type of music you don’t like helps a lot of knowing what you do like! Good luck!

  6. Hi Jasmine, I’m also a virgin in this clubbing things and there are many questions I want to ask, but I couldn’t find anyone. I tried to look up on google, but those articles and websites didn’t help me at all. Then I saw ur blog, you are like a savior to me lol. I keep wondering about the money problem like a card or cash; should I bring a purse with me and if I bring it then when I’m dancing where I’m gonna put it blah blah blah :))) Anw, thanks for writing this post, it’s very helpful!!!

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