Me Time

Everybody needs a me time.

To ask what a ‘me time’ is is hard because it varies from one person to another, but the basic idea behind a me time is just you giving yourself to yourself (LOL!) fully and only to yourself. Sometimes, you just have to get out of this stuffy, crowded room and be on your own.

There is no such as boring during a me time. If it is boring for you, then it must mean that you are not in your me time, but rather, you’re bored.

Here’s my me time list:

    • Going to the mall by myself and walking at my own pace
    • Watching a movie in the cinema alone
    • Getting lost in my own thoughts
    • Writing on my blog
    • Listening to soothing music – Jazz, Oldies, Blues etc…
    • Cleaning
    • Driving on the highway at night
    • Reading

Like I said, me times vary!

Here are some of my friend’s me time:

(Image source)

“I like cleaning and reorganising my closet/shelves/house. It’s therapeutic.”  Daphne

“Grabbing a good thought provoking book and locking myself in my bedroom with the airconditioners switched on and soothing music playing in the bedroom. Either that or just read a philosophy article and ponder over it with a good cup of tea.” – Gwyneth

(Image source)

“Ciggies and a good book.” – Noel

(Image source)

“Going around the mall and getting lost in my own thought by working out, daydreaming, playing video games and other stuff.” – Rommel

(Image source)

“Having a little TLC with my guitars :) Blasting the music and just singing my heart and lungs out. SLEEP! Plop down on the couch like a fat caterpillar and snuggle with a blankey and just watch movieS. Maybe add a pint of ice-cream to that.” – Sheryl

(Image source)

“Playing piano for hours on end.” – Fabian

(Image source)

“Cold beer on my apartment roof top at night. Insanely gorgeous view! That and playing on my guitar.” – Ralph

(Image source)

I bet everyone does this or maybe I just believe everyone does this to reassure myself that I am not a nut! My me time involves a song sung by someone with vocals impossible to immitate ( ie: Whitney, Mariah, Adele!! ), a hairbrush, a mirror and a fake audience! – Sharon

Other me time suggestions if you’re planning to have one!

    • Doodling
    • Cooking by yourself, for yourself
    • Creating new dishes or experimenting with dishes
    • Reading an online article/blog
    • Masturbating
    • Post shower rituals; putting on cream on your hands and legs, combing your hair etc.
    • Watching a really good movie by yourself
    • Youtube surfing
    • Staring at the wall (and having fun at it)
    • Photography
    • Going to the saloon and have your hair washed
    • Massages
    • Dancing
    • Floss
    • Creating a scrap book – it can about fashion, of people you love, celebrity crushes etc!
    • Sewing
    • Travel/ backpacking alone
    • Play a game on Facebook – The Sims Social?
    • Browsing through pictures and posts on Tumblr
    • Daydreaming/ fantasizing
    • Composing a song
    • Writing a poem
    • Take long showers
    • Sitting down in restaurant or mall and just observe people

And the list goes on. (:

Happy Me Time-ing!

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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