Fancy Links #1

I Was a Teenage Activist

I have always been interested in activism ever since I was young. It’s the whole idea of advocating for something you believe in and actually going all out for it that interests me. What would catch my attention more when it comes to activism is the people behind it; especially if you are a young female who is unafraid to speak out.

Seeing other young activist that is of my own age and gender pretty much lets me know that I can be an activist as well, that I can advocate for something I believe in. Which is why this blog was created, to advocate for self appreciation and acceptance and anything that I think is important for young people today.

Anyway, here’s a very interesting blog post that I found out and loved.


Angel Does Stuff

Just because we don’t have Buffy (the show) any more, doesn’t mean Angel can’t do shit any more. Here’s a blog where Angel does some pretty cool stuff.

Well, somewhat cool.


Kim Kong-Il Looking At Things

Angel Does Stuff reminded me of this blog, so I just HAD to share it because it’s just as hilarious.

Tip: Read the photo caption too, not just browse through the photos! The humour is in the caption!


Teenage Bedroom

I’ve always wondered what other teenager’s bedrooms look like when I was a teenager. Then out of nowhere, god created this blog. But he’s just a wee bit late at it.

Have fun stalking other people’s rooms!


Chrissie White, a photoblog

Everybody needs a good blog filled with photos to just make everyone else jealous of the beautiful fun life that they got. Well, here’s a blog to make you feel depressed that your life isn’t as awesome as theirs.

You’re welcome.


Rookie Mag

Where I get all these links and my daily dose of coolness and inspiration from.

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