\\SUPERSTARS Jayson, Sharifah & Ari


Name: Jayson
Age: 19 years young
Currently: Studying Psychology in Nottingham Malaysia
Best traits/skills/feature: Kind
Worse traits/skills/feature: Insecure

1. Describe the 13-year old Jayson – personality, appearance, were you single… Anything?

When I was 13, I was confused about who am I going to be and trying to fit myself into categories.

2. Describe current you now. How have you changed or have you changed at all?

Now: Accepting myself as who I am. Learning to adapt to the real society by hand-on experience. Tackling the weak side of me.

3. Best piece of advice you ever received.

You are an apple on top of the tree — very hard to reach. ;) (Jasmine, 2011)

Jasmine: To know about the ‘Apple Theory’, click here! I wrote about it a few days ago ;)

4. Your advice to teenagers/young people out there.

Keep an open mind to explore and accept yourself and others. People are awesome in their own way. Celebrate spectrum!



Name: Sharifah Nursyahidah Syed Annuar
Age: 23
Currently: Graduated from UiTM in Bachelor of Administrative Science (Hons)
Best traits/skills/feature: Sarcasm
Worse traits/skills/feature: Sarcasm

1. Describe the 13-year old Sharifah – personality, appearance, were you single… Anything?

When I was 13, I was a quiet, small girl who prefer to sit by herself than go mingling around with classmates and friends. My life was devoted to MiRC as my medium to keep in touch with them. I think I was quite ‘skema’ at that time, that’s why I had no confidence to speak face to face or perhaps, I was just shy. And I would always run away from being photographed. Just look at my ’13 year old picture’ here! Proves that I was that shy, I didn’t have a picture! And I always said YES to everything, even if it makes me sick doing something.

Boyfriend? No! I was still adapting myself being in a co-ed high school, I was in all girls school before that. But I managed to adapt in the end when I found my first love in Form 2.

(Translation: Skema means being prim and proper, even verging on nerdy.)

2. Describe current you now. How have you changed or have you changed at all?

Now that I am 23 years old, I still consider myself as ‘skema’, but I have changed a lot since that 13 year old me. I have a lot of friends and I don’t care what people think or talk about me. What is important is we stay true to ourselves.

I remember participating in the a parliamentary debate competition where I represented my school for it and became the team leader for my team. My team acted as the opposition and I realized that the opposing government team were my friends from primary school and could barely recognize me! I even asked them if they remembered me and they got shocked. What shocked them even more was that my team beat them in the competition and I was named best debater.

I don’t mean to boast around, but what I’m trying to highlight here is that PEOPLE CHANGE. It’s good if someone change for the better, but if that change is for the worse, then there’s something wrong there. I learn to stop saying yes to everything and I would constantly give my own opinions and criticisms as well as try hard to not hurt other people’s feelings. I am more brave in expressive myself and currently on my way to becoming an activist! Haha.

3. Best piece of advice you ever received.

“Jadi diri sendiri” – three words, but deep meaning. (Translation: Take care of yourself)

4. Your advice to teenagers/young people out there.

 If you have the one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, dont just let it slip by you. Grab it! You might be damned if you do it, but you also might be damned if you don’t! And please, don’t ruin friendships for the sake of MONEY, NAME, POWER, STATUS and so on. Don’t Lie because in the end, you will have nothing. Believe me! (not based on my own experience, but of my ex-friend).



Name: Fahri (Ari)
Age: 21
Website/Blog: http://fahriee.com/

 In college, taking up a degree in Bachelor of Science (Computer Science and Software Engineering), DJ-ing and working as a barista in my spare time.

Best traits/skills/feature: Friendly, has the ability to state random facts on just any topic, a full-fledged human song identifier among close friends.

Worse traits/skills/feature: Bad at managing time (working on it!), VERY irresponsible with money (also working on that!), never sleeps early (this one…not so).

1. Describe the 13-year old you – personality, appearance, were you single… Anything?

“When I was thirteen, I had my first love. There was nobody that compared to my baby, ain’t nobody came between us no one could ever come above.”

Ha! No, seriously though, back when I was 13 years old, I was a very shy, very self-conscious, very insecure boy. I had no problems keeping friends, I just had problems making friends. I was already in Form 1 at that time since I passed the PTS exams and all. I also transferred from a Chinese medium school to an English medium school so it was quite a strange experience for me at that time.

Unfortunately for me, my mother worked in the same school that I was studying in. Needless to say, I was forced to become Class Monitor. Heh. The things parents do to you.

That was the moment I knew I needed to change my attitude and personality for my own sake. Short, plump Ari wouldn’t settle for anything less than 20 friends. It worked out in the end, because by the end of the year, I was nominated to be one of the Senior Prefects.

2. Describe current you now. How have you changed or have you changed at all?

Right now, I’m 7 months away from being 22. I’ve changed a lot. To be honest, I’ve done a lot of things I never saw myself doing. These things range from the socially acceptable, to the “not so acceptable”. The way I see life and everything related to it has definitely changed as well. I’m a more liberal person compared to the 13-year old Ari.

Personality wise, I’m no longer the shy boy that I once was. I’m currently doing many things that require meeting people on a daily basis like DJ-ing, taking photos of parties around town and being one of the ambassadors for a local mall.

3. Best piece of advice you ever received.

A friend of mine, Natasha, once told me to never regret what I have done, but regret what I will never get to do. As long as I live my life to the fullest, I’ll die happy and content. I’ve lived by it since the day she told me about it. Now, I’m passing along this brilliant advice to you, dear reader. It’s up to you to choose whether you’ll live by it or not!

4. Your advice to teenagers/ young people out there.

Get out there and have fun! Enjoy your time while you’re still young and energetic . Never worry about how you look or what people think about you because eventually everything works out for the better.

Last but not least, if a person despises you for who you are, never retaliate. Instead, harness the energy and use it to improve yourself. In other words, let people hate on you, but never hate on others.


THE GROWING UP PROJECT is a celebration of the beauty of growing up and understanding that tomorrow will be better from a horrible today. To know more about the project and how to participate as well as for our list of \\superstars, please click here.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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