Jasmine’s guide for the concert virgins.

About a week or so ago, I had the most awesome opportunity of going to my first ever concert. Being cooped up in Sabah all my life pretty much cuts me from any fun that usually happens in the big city. So after missing tons of concert during my stay here in KL, I decided to finally make my way to one. It was free, so I figured, “Why not?” It was a concert packed with several other performers, so not only was it free, but I would also be experiencing different kinds of music. That was exciting. AND to top it off, I may appear on TV since they are showing it live on telly.

Bad thing was that it was held in an open field and it was raining, so that was a total buzz kill. But hey, if you’re with awesome friends, you’re bound to have fun, so it wasn’t all bad. The main dish of the night was Nelly. He was the only singer whose songs I can sing to perfectly.

This is Nelly and that’s his muscles and he’s wearing his shades because he still has his time zones all fucked up. (My thoughts)

I’m not saying that I don’t know shit about Malaysian singers and their songs, like some other I-only-listen-to-english-songs-because-malay-songs-are-so-lame. Pfft. I do, especially very good ones. In fact, the whole night I was educating my friend about Malaysian singers and the whole Malaysian music scene.

Me: “That is Yuna, her songs are pretty amazing but I don’t know this new song. Oh, that’s Stacy. She’s from Akademi Fantasia and we’re from the same hometown. And that’s Faizal Tahir. He was banned from appearing on stage and TV for awhile because of his weird behaviour. Oh, and he likes climbing up things. 

Faizal Tahir climbing on things.


Anyway, here are some things that I learn about during the concert.

Bring friends! Going to a concert alone is boring! You can if you want to, but where’s the fun in that? Always bring a friend or friends with you who is not afraid to jump, scream and just sing to the music with you till your voices crack and your ears half deaf!

Raincoats! If you’re going to an open air concert, it’s always important to bring raincoats with you in case of rain. It may look sunny at first, like that day with the concert that I went to, but mother nature is unpredictable these days!

Why not bring umbrellas instead? Well, 1) they usually don’t let you in with an umbrella to prevent fights from happening – at least this concert didn’t and 2) it’s hard to dance around when you’re holding an umbrella. At least with a raincoat, you can do everything and not be restricted. Remember my guide for the clubbing virgins on carrying light? It’s the same idea!

Oh! And you can buy raincoats at the concert compound too, but they’re always expensive. We bought our raincoats for RM15 and then we found out that the next guy sells it for RM5 and we were all, “Fuuuuckkkkkkkk“. So yeah, check the prices first :)

My sister and I. She’s wearing the much better type of raincoat while I’m wearing the lame one. If you plan to buy raincoats, get the better one. Both of these were RM15 which was a total rip off. :( 

EAT beforehand. The concert that I went to didn’t let us go in with food, which sucks because my friend and I actually got food to eat during the concert. So it was either we throw it away or eat it before going in, so obviously, we chose the later one. Oh, and beverages aren’t allowed too. Insane :/

ALWAYS choose to stand up and not sit down. When we went to the concert, we were given VIP tickets for the seating area. After a while, we decided to ditch the sitting and went to the middle of the field and stood with everyone else instead. If you’re worried about getting tired standing up, don’t be! It’s waaaay more fun standing than sitting down because you wouldn’t be able to dance crazily with your friends if you didn’t stand up!

Yes, you can still stand up where you sat, BUT it’s ALWAYS fun to join the crowd and dance together. It feels kind of awkward to be standing in a sitting zone and dance your ass off, don’t you think?

Charge your cameras and phones. I didn’t think I should state the obvious, but it’s always pretty important to remember this crucial point! You need to charge your camera for obvious reasons; to remember your night! And why phone? Well, sometimes you may get separated from your friends, so it’s always good to text them and find out where they are. Don’t even bother calling them, it’s too loud!

Explore your tickets! I know A LOT of people do not check their tickets for event rules and regulation, but sometimes it’s very important! Imagine if you bought a new fancy umbrella for the event and they tell you that you can’t bring it in and you’re all pissed at them. They can just tell you to check your tickets and right there, in black and white, it says that NO UMBRELLAS ALLOWED. RM20 worth of umbrella had to be left outside the concert hall, which sucks!

So, there you go! Some of the things that you need to remember before heading to the concert! :) Now you can enjoy your time there without worrying about anything! If you have any other suggestions for the concert virgins, do feel free to leave a comment. Pictures courtesy of Jasmine.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “Jasmine’s guide for the concert virgins.”

  1. Malaysian concerts are always like that.. Theres stupid rules. One time i was at pisa penang, and the authorities want to confiscate my dslr. That was really a piss off

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