Guilty Pleasure: Checking a guy out; especially their butt.

I remember growing up and wondering why girls like to check a guy’s butt out. I mean, it was weird and seriously though, what is there to see? I thought it was the other way round; guys check girls’ butt, so imagine my confusion when a bunch of my older cousins/friends giggle uncontrollably and crazily nudging each other while curving their mouth as if using it to point at some random guy’s bum. They would then excitedly whisper into each other’s ears,“That’s a cute butt!”

With my chicken in one hand (we were in KFC), coke in the other, I looked up, made eye contact at the guy’s ass, turned my head side ways and said, “What butt? All I see is his jeans.”

But when puberty hit, my interest in butts became higher. I would accidentally look at some guy’s butt and have this mental hotness meter in my head. It’s insane.

Yeah baby, bend. BENDDDD!!!
(Haha. No, this is not how I rate my butts. It’s more civilized than this!)

And then as time pass, after countless of butt ratings later, I realized that I was actually checking guys out. It didn’t hit me that at first because I didn’t think that it would be possible for girls to check guys out, but well, that was just what I did. I checked a guy out. And with that in mind, I unofficially, but proudly, dubbed myself as a grown lady. Haha!

Then all of the sudden, I was checking a lot more than just butts. What started with an innocent butt  looking evolved to more than just the butt, but also to the crotch, muscles, body, face, hair, chin, feet, neck… everything. And then, I had to get a few breaks in between because I would get excited which is a tad bit embarrassing.

Can you blame me? Boys are hot. What can I say? Lol. [Source]

For years women were told to not be sexual, that only men can be sexual. Women are shunned from society or labelled as sluts if they choose to display their sexuality or be sexual, but men on the other hand are praised for the ‘stud’ness.

No more, I say. No more!

Women! Rise and do not be afraid to express your sexual desires. If you wish to check a guy out, check away! If you wish to compliment them on how good they look, compliment away! And most importantly, if you think they’re hot, then pucker those lips up and make those piercing cat calls at them like how they do to us.

Checking a guy out and having dirty thoughts about them is not wrong nor is it a sin. It’s a normal thing. We all have sexual desires, and if you only think that men have them, then boy are you wrong. I have to say, Jennifer Aniston’s character in Horrible Bosses… Yeah, she should be every girl’s idol. And Samantha from Sex and the City; a body of a woman, a sexual desire of a man.

And if you didn’t already notice, I’m an ass kind of girl. ;)

How about you, ladies?


Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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