Girls being forward. Yay or nay?

I have always been a shy person. Well, technically no, according to my friends.

“Jasmine? Shy? HAH!”

Okay, scratch that. Maybe I’m not shy, to SOME people. But generally, I am. Generally.

When it comes to boys though, I can be quite straight forward. If I find the guy attractive, I’d tell him straight up; provided it’s in a controlled setting like school or online, where I’m comfortable enough to just say things like that.

Should a Girl Ask a Guy Out?

I told this guy I liked him the other day, he just froze. I felt like an idiot but I had to let it out because I figured, since I would never meet him any more, I might as well tell him that I fantasize about going to the mall with him, hand in hand and smiling proudly. But of course I didn’t tell him that part. That’s just borderline creepy :/

It turned out to be a pretty good outcome after that. We became closer as friends and he started to notice me more, though we didn’t end up with each other or anything. That was highly expected because we weren’t compatible at all. But it doesn’t kill to tell somebody you like them though right? Yeah ;)

There was also this one time where I’d ask a guy for his Skype account, then a day later, I asked him to chat with me via mic then finally, I asked him to switch his cam on. He was surprised to as how forward I was. He said he have been wanting to do those things with me (Skype, mic chat and cam chat), but he didn’t know if I was into his suggestions, so he just bailed on the idea.

I read somewhere that guys like it if girls are the one who ask them out or be straight forward about their (the girl’s) feelings to them. They like to be chased because for once, they are not the one chasing.

I personally don’t know how true that is. I just think that some guys don’t like girls being too forward because it would ’emasculate’ them or something. I think it’s a guy thing. (I asked some of my guy friends about this)

Asking a guy out is emasculating them? Na-ahhhhh! [Source]

But some guys like it though. They think confidence is sexy. Undeniable though. ;)

If a guy hates girls that are forward or brave, then there is definitely something wrong with them! Instead of feeling that your ‘manhood’ is threatened, you should instead feel proud that a girl finds you so attractive that they’re actually telling you about it!

It’s the biggest compliment ever I think and mind you, such a turn on!

So boys, I’m curious. Do you like straight forward girls or those shy girls who would wait for you to act first?


Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

13 thoughts on “Girls being forward. Yay or nay?”

  1. As mentioned on my blog, I definitely like my girls to be upfront and confident. There’s just something about a woman who knows what she wants and takes it with no fear. Caveat lector – this is merely my opinion, I don’t speak for other men. ;)

  2. I think it takes a lot of guts for either gender to ask the other out… What’s attractive to me about a girl asking me out, is that they are being honest about their feelings.

    I hate it when a girl does like you, but instead of telling you (because we guys are seriously ignorant and sometimes won’t even notice) they just try to drop subtle hints. So definitely prefer straight forward, honest, girls

    1. Yeah, I mean, you’d never know if a girl likes you or not, so it’s best to be straight forward and it works both ways really. But I agree with you though that it takes a lot of guts for either gender to ask someone out or express interest.

  3. i’d have to to demure a little on completely agreeing with this post though. i believe more in observing each person and tailoring a slightly different approach in initiating matters with each individual… very shy individuals may get a bit intimidated by an overtly direct approach. also, there are occasions where subtlety might be a more effective way of gaining a better impression. it all boils down to being flexible and having a fairly good understanding of psychology (one might accuse me of manipulation but aren’t all human interactions based on reading another person?).

    don’t get me wrong, i’m not exactly the epitome of grace and lady-like behaviour, but it IS after years of observation of the dynamics between the sexes that has led me to this conclusion – if anything, i’ve been (and still am) rather brash in my interactions with the opposite sex. i’ve just learnt to tone it down a notch. there’s being assertive about your feelings, and there’s being a little too forthright about things.

    that said, a cool, quiet confidence, coupled with pinch sass and a good measure of wit – VERY attractive traits in both women AND men.

    all that said, loving your blog, stumbled onto it via fahri’s… and i have to say, you do verbalise yourself very well. i’m looking forward to more thought-provoking content from you =)

    1. Lol. True true. I guess when I was writing this post, I was thinking of that one type of guy/s who are not so shy. But I do agree that everyone, regardless of gender, should tailor ourselves according to the other person’s personality. If you go all crazy around a shy person, yes, you may make a lasting impression, but it may not be a good one.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting! And for the kind words! ;)

      1. i speak only from painful experience. i seem to have scared off a really cute (but painfully shy) young pilot, years ago, with a wayyyyy too confident approach. i still cringe to think about how i botched it… T_T

    1. It is actually. It’s especially awesome when you have a crush on someone and you wanted to badly to know how he is like, but since he doesn’t know you exist, you got to make the move and say “hi”. It’s empowering too, since not many girls like making the first move and it definitely will catch a guy off guard and they’ll remember you better because you said hi first – according to a few guys I know ;)

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