Happy Halloweenie!

I don’t usually dress up for Halloween. Ever. In fact, I only dressed up once and it was for an event I hosted a few years back.

My co-host Jonathan and I. We went retro for the metro. Okay, that was pretty lame. :/ Check out his website. He’s now a force to be reckon with in the music scene in KK. I’m a very proud friend. :D (Picture courtesy of Webgrrrl.)

So when a friend of mine excitingly told all of us to dress up for Halloween, I wasn’t really up to it. But since all of my friends are doing it, I decided to go into it as well. For the fun of it.

I’ve been so into sugar skulls lately and since there was such a big fascination of people to do sugar skull make-up on Youtube for Halloween, I figured, why not.

That’s a kimono. I wanted to walk around in normal clothes but since my friend had a kimono, I decided to put it on and have it on. Because my head and body was different, I decided to create a story, just in case anybody ask me. Nobody did, but I told them anyway because I thought that it was a pretty good story.


I was a Japanese concubine who ‘served’ one of the many powerful emperors in Japan. When I died, the emperor got so sad (because I was his favourite) that he had me decapitated and took my head as remembrance. When I rose up from the dead, I had to find a new head so I went to the zombie market to search for a suitable head. Unfortunately, they were out of Japanese heads, so I had to go to the Mexican section – they were on sale – and got this very pretty head decorated with sugar skull-inspired make-up on it.

My fellow Japanese zombies said that I wasn’t Japanese enough because my head was Mexican. I told them to go screw themselves.

Told you the story was good!

In case you were wondering, it was plain eye-shadow make-up that I used on my face. I kept sweating and I keep rubbing the thing off. So by the end of the night, my spider web forehead was missing and I have a hole on my nose. Oh the life of a zombie.

What my friends wore.

Top (L-R): Emo dead doll, King of Hearts, Male escort with nice wings (he said he was Dark Angel from some anime show, I beg to defer)

Bottom (L-R): Pussycat, zombie hot stuff, ghost of virgin female? (or maybe, dead Red Riding Hood?)

Haha. I’m just assuming. I forgot what some of them were.

So how was your Halloween?


Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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