Big girls: “We’re not desperate.”

I was watching Glee just now (especially this performance) and I am soooooo inspired to write this post.

So here’s the thing, big girls are not desperate. Some of us aren’t. In fact, we’re happy to be all single and ready to mingle and shit.

So an interesting story. My friend who’s big and curvaceous find it rather surprising that whenever she goes out clubbing with all of her gorgeous slim friends, she’ll be the one who’d be having shitloads of guys tapping her ass, grinding on her and asking her for a shag.

It’s surprising even to know that her girlfriends don’t get shit like that when they go out.

Here’s the equation.

Curves + BBW = Shag
Slim/Slender + Pretty = Trophy

Of course though, this equation does not apply to EVERYBODY. Don’t get me wrong, but it’s pretty general.

Curvy girls are fun to shag with while pretty slim girls make great girlfriends because they’re nice to show off to. Trust me, I think these two ‘ideologies’ are as disrespectful to women as the next disrespectful ideology, but I can’t help to think that there might be some sense in it.

Here’s the fucked up thing. A guy actually told me that big girls are fun to shag with because guys have something to hold on to and to play around with. We have boobs and ass and we’re hot as hell when shagged. Quote and unquote. Very disgusting, but okay.

Deny if you must, but you can’t help but think that curves are more sexier.

Though some of us don’t get boyfriends, we do find it amazingly fun to just go around and teasing boys (or not tease boys and have boys come rubbing in on us when we lease expect it). I mean, not everybody (girls in general, not just the big girls) have the courage or confidence to tease or flirt with a boy, but when you do and boys respond to it, it feels soooo good!

It’s funny. Just when you think you don’t have any chance to appear sexy because of how big you are, you turn to a guy, look at them directly in the eye, bit your lips a little bit, do a little smirk and they’re all yours. The world is officially fucked up and I shall embrace it the fuckery.

Who says big girls don’t have it in them?

I believe that sexual urges and flirtation and a sprinkle of tease can make any guy be at the edge of their seat, regardless of who the flirt/tease came from. It’s all in the confidence mixture. Face it, confidence is sexy.

And who ever said that us big girls are desperate? We may not get all the boys all the time, but it doesn’t mean that you can just grab our boobs and show your pretty penis and we’d be embracing it just like that. Seriously? How shallow can you be?

Let me remind you that although we may not get much action, it doesn’t mean that we’re total sluts to just give ourselves to you.

Which reminds me. A guy came up to me, pretty much woe me and shit and wanted to pop my cherry. Seriously? I ain’t lettin’ no a-hole popping any cherries of mine just because I is big and assumed to be ‘desperate’. Sheesh.

It’s cute and all, but really, are you REALLY that desperate?

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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