5 Friends Every Woman Should Have

Found this interesting article on Oprah.com. Yes, I apparently do go to Oprah’s website for occasional lift ups. Okay, maybe not. I pretty much decided to browse around and found this article. See if you can match the type of friend to your own friends!


“Friends are the family we choose for ourselves,” writer Edna Buchanan once said. I consider the “family” I’ve gathered—with five kinds of pals I count on for completely different things—among the wisest choices I’ve made. If you can find even one who embodies any of the characteristics that follow, you can consider yourself fortunate.

1. The Uplifter
This woman’s favorite word: yes. You could tell her you’re trading your six-figure income for a career in offtrack betting, and she’d barely pause before yelping “Go for it!” Don’t you need someone who looks past the love handles to notice the extraordinarily gorgeous you?

Rachel is my angel. She not only looks past my love handles, but embraces it by saying how beautiful it is while poking it. Haha! (: 6 years of friendship and going stronger each day!

2. The Travel Buddy
When the hotel in St. Lucia is a bust, one characteristic becomes all-important: flexibility. This agreeable companion need not be the girl you traded pinkie swears with on the playground; it’s enough that she’s comfortable with quiet (between gabfests) and is a teensy bit mischievous (as in tequila after midnight).

Who better to be your travel buddy than your own sister! We never traveled anywhere much aside from Vietnam, but that trip alone proved that she is the best travel buddy a girl can have. LOVE!

3. The Truth Teller
Intent is what separates the constructive from the abusive. Once you’ve established that the hard news is spoken in love (not in jealousy or malice), you’d be smart to seek out this woman’s perspective.

Hazli is the type of person who will lay down the facts and figures, tell you your lost and benefits and make you realize things that nobody can. He may not be woman as suggested in the description, but he is MY woman! Haha! 5 years of friendship and counting!

4. The Girl Who Just Wants to Have Fun
One Saturday a pal and I—and yes, we’re both over age 12—pored over every glitter lip gloss in a drugstore aisle for an entire 45 minutes. Forget the crisis download (for that, see the Uplifter); this partnership is about spontaneous good times.

Never a dull moment with these two around, that’s for sure! Spontaneous and fun! AND INSANE! They can make any dull object or situation seem like the most spectacular thing ever! A piece of paper you say? BRING IT ON! Hahaha!

5. The Unlikely Friend
“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive,” Anaïs Nin wrote. My friends—some twice my age, others half, some rich, others homeless, some black like me, others Korean, Mexican, Caucasian—have added richness to my life that only variety can bring.

Never in my life have I ever imagined of having the wonderful opportunity of getting to know two of the most awesome people in the whole wide world! WC, a fun yet feisty girl from Perak with the world on her hands and Tara, a girl with so much passion for life from Tanzania. They make my life extra exciting during boring days in school and I’m thankful for that (:
I love you two!

Okay, so that’s all from me! I tag you!

(I wasn’t planning of tagging people at first, but I had so much fun doing it, so I think that you would like to do it too!)

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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