Change is not always bad, you know.


I appreciate all your comments; whether in support or against my opinion on change, especially on Amalina’s change. All of those who commented on this post have made really amazing points and it really made me think… A LOT! Sometimes you have to go against your own opinions to fully understand the whole issue.

So if you have the time (and I hope that you do!), please PLEASE read the comments! Drop your own thoughts as well! :)

Thank you for reading everybody! Appreciate it lots!


My friend recently got a smack in the face when her friends said that she changed after spending 1.5 years in Kuala Lumpur. They viewed her change as something negative as she is now too busy to hang out with them or too occupied with her own life in KL to actually contact them.

This is perhaps true, but what they fail to see is that she does hang out with her friends when she’s back in KK, just not with these bunch of friends who she considers as being immature and fake. They act like they are total saints by judging her in her way of leading her own life when they themselves clearly have their own problems with their lives but choose to judge others’ lives instead.

I’m not here to judge (well, I am), but shouldn’t you take care of your married boyfriends before you talk about other people’s lives?


When I think about this ‘change’ that most people find so negative about regarding their own friends who went to KL or overseas to study, I cringe. I like change. I think, when you are exposed to a whole new scene while you’re out there studying, you are bound to be exposed to different ideas or set of morals that would require you to change because it is a sign that you are growing up; that you have fully absorbed your surrounding and act upon it.

You’re young and you only live once, so live a little. Experiment on shit, be curious, get to know people, change the way you look… LIVE.

I personally believe that it is when you don’t change… Now, that is the biggest problem, because it means that you are not exposing yourself enough with all the opportunities that you have been presented with.

It is not hard to ignore that there may be changes that are negative, such as your friend turning to drugs to be accepted by his/her set of friends abroad or going against the Eastern or Malaysian culture by dying your hair, going out partying or dressing a certain way, but such is change; personality change, physical change… Change.

Though I personally don’t see the wrong in going against the ‘Eastern’ values, which is why I don’t see the whole negative hoo-haa about Amalina’s change. I mean, come on… What is Eastern and Western values anyway? You can’t expect us to be caught up with only one value when we live in an integrated world now, do you?



So, someone leaked current Facebook photos of Amalina to the public which (unsurprisingly) made the public be so interested in her change and I can understand that. I mean, this was a BIG change. I understand how her change sparked anger to some people who criticized her tremendous change saying that she has tattered her image as this idealized Malaysian girl who got good grades and turned into this wild chick. And that hopefully she will find the ‘right’ path again blah blah blah.

What is the ‘right’ path anyway?

Yes, she may have done some drastic changes to herself, but unless she is out on the dance floor in her undies with booze and drugs, I don’t see any wrong. I think she looks pretty rad with her new found style. Ala-ala Mizz Nina gituuuu… (Translation: Just like Mizz Nina) Who, by the way, is also a Malaysian and nobody has any problems with her ‘Westernized’ image.



Truth is, we all don’t know her personally, nobody does, aside from her own set of friends and family. So we can’t really judge her. Yes, she may leave her hijab and dyed her hair, but does that make her a bad, sinful person? Okay, maybe it does for some people, but at the end of the day, don’t you think that what’s inside that counts? It may sound cliché, but isn’t that the truth though?

I know a lot of ‘wild’-looking people who are very spiritual, and I dare say that I too know a lot of religious people who did bad things, so how come we’re not criticizing them as well?

I like how some people just have SOOOO much time on their hands to actually create a collage on her transformation. Talk about boredom.

I personally know someone who’s well respected because of his achievements in his studies and dedication on big scale projects that benefits society who is as crazy and wild, though not to the scale of doing drugs or any crazy shit like that. When he is in front of people, he has to be proper and stuff, but his friends and family know that he’s a total goofball at heart.

I like what my teacher said about her change.

People’s morals change. People’s beliefs change, evolve. Malaysian society has a prescribed set of morals that you will find are contradicted by most of the free world. She experienced freedom from those constraints. You will all experience it. I don’t think god is concerned with who she dates or what she wears.

And a big amen to that.

Yes, her change may be a shock but it’s not something totally out of the ordinary! I swear that there are some people who had a more negative change than this. Drugs, orgies, spending your parents’ money to do other shit… TONS. And believe me, you don’t have to go out of Malaysia to experience these negative changes. Like I said, we live in an integrated world where values come criss-crossing our way, so it’s not a shock when these Western values come to our shores.

I know that a lot of people are shocked and sadden by her transformation, but hey, don’t worry… As long as Amalina knows her priorities and limits, how she look should be the last thing everyone should be worried about.

Now, let’s get back to our own incredible lives and make the best of it shall we? After all, we only live once so we should stop worrying about others and start living our own! *wink wink*

Amalina did an interview with some local reporters. You can watch the interview here.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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  1. I really love on what you had blogged about Amalina.
    My logic was for her changes, it was only for her own survival.
    UK isn’t a Muslim friendly country.
    My Dad was studying in the UK and they taunted him by calling him a “Paki bastard”.
    Despite the pictures, she is just trying to fit in.
    She has to in order to keep herself safe from those racists.
    I do not blame her but I do not blame the people criticising her for being narrow-minded because perhaps, they have NEVER been outside the country :)
    If politicians are the ones barking, they obviously have not been around foreign countries enough to know anything.

    1. I’m sorry that your dad had to experience racism, I think it’s horrible. But yeah, I do think that the change is for her own survival; to fit in.

      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Love this post, change is definitely good. I’ve grown a lot for the past years, and like you said. If you never change, then you never grow. Then we’ll be the 5 year old kid we were about 20 years ago? People have their own perspectives of life, and it’s unfair to tie someone down just because of ones own opinion. It’s unfair for people to lash out at this girl just because she’s trying to fit into her surrounding and finding herself. For all we know, she’s a much better person than she was when she scored that 17A’s; and why just use that to attack her. Why not use some other attack, what has 17A’s got to do with dressing up or socializing around? Weirdos!

    Kudos to the great post, I can totally relate!

    1. Yes! I do agree with you! And I do believe in what you say; “If you never change, then you never grow”. How true! I mean, it is undeniable that one can still change by not going through drastic measures like her. As in, one can still change with still her tudung in tact and undyed hair, doesn’t mean big drastic change equals to change. What’s different with her is that she chose to get a drastic change and that’s not wrong.

      As long as her priorities are still straight, she’s all good. No need to bath mouth her or criticize her.

  3. This is interesting. The conservative Malaysian thinking is really not helping the society to develop. She really did change into a fashionista and looked very pretty compared to her before photos. Open minded thinking is lacking in Malaysia. Everyone seem to be living under the well and not expose to the outside world when they judge others purely based on appearance alone.

    1. I think everyone is just so shocked by her change, hence the crazy respond to her change. It’s not merely open mindedness or conservativeness. We just have to realize that not all change is bad. If she’s still keeping her grades and have her priorities straight, physical changes should be the last thing on everyone’s mind.

      Just my personal opinion though :)

  4. Love this post! And I agree with what Sharifah said, she is just probably trying to fit in. She’s still in school, isn’t she? I think that’s what’s most important. Narrow-minded people these days.. they seriously need to go outside the country and open up their eyes and mind. They need to know that change doesn’t always mean bad! Sheesh!

  5. The only thing that is constant in life is change. To fear change is to fear evolution – how in the world would societies progress without change? I’m with you on this one.

    Also, if Amalina’s going to spend the rest of her life superficially judged by certain fellow Malaysians, she’s better off staying far far away where she can thrive as an individual and be respected for more important assets: her brilliant mind.

  6. I personally like this post.

    The thing is the mindset of our society has not changed. They judge more on a person’s social aspect rather than their achievement (which in Amalina’s case should be the main focus and not her lifestyle).

    Her social lifestyle becomes the main issue because it touches on ‘moral values’ and because she’s a Muslim. I believe that majority of those criticising her. from the Muslim society.

    They can’t accept her ‘drastic changes’ because they are living in a comfort zone and in their comfort values and Amalina is not. I am wondering if they actually have their own view about her ‘change’ because it seems like those against Amalina’s change shared similar comment.

    1. Thank you :)

      Drastic changes are always horrible. It’s a big shock. And the fact that she changed from this idealized and perfect Malaysian girl to this wild Westernized chick is just beyond what everybody would have imagined.

      At the end of the day though, if it’s just her physicality that she changed and she still stay true to herself, I don’t think she should be at fault. She changed to fit in. If her priorities are still straight, then we should continue supporting her, not criticizing or bad mouthing her.

      But then again, I don’t know the current her or the past her, so I can’t say much.

  7. aduii, x pham2 lg ka? x tutup aurat tu dosa…please ok,jgn nak katakan bila Amalina x brubah, dia katak bawah tempurung,those who are not islam can say what they wanna say,but im a muslim, Learn others religion b4 make an assumption, & jgn fikirkan agama tu semua sama..

    1. Hai Alif, apa yang kamu cakap tu memang betul dan saya sokong 100%. Tidak menutup aurat tu memang berdosa. Walaupun saya bukan beragama Islam, 90% daripada keluarga saya semua mualaf, termasuk ibu saya sendiri, jadi saya faham apa yang kamu cakap.

      Memang pedih bila nampak dia yang dahulunya memakai tudung sudah tidak bertudung lagi dan siap ber-dye rambut; memang satu perubahan yang sangat besar dan kurang manis. Tapi kadang-kadang, kita perlu tahu bahawa mereka yang tidak pakai tudung atau berpakaian seperti ‘orang liar’ tu bukan bermaksud mereka itu salah atau berdosa. Pada pendapat saya, kadang-kadang orang tukar imej untuk ‘fit in’ dengan persekitarannya. Ada orang yang tukar gaya/imej secara kecil, dan ada yang drastik. Malangnya, Amalina buat yang drastik.

      Point yang saya hendak buat dalam post ini adalah, perubahan itu tetap akan berlaku pada seseorang apabila diperkenalkan dengan suasana baru. Namun demikian, saya tidak dapat menafikan bahawa ia agak sempit lah pemikiran kalau kita berfikir bahawa hanya perubahan besar sahaja yang akan menunjukkan bahawa seseorang itu telah berubah, sebab orang pun masih boleh berubah walaupun dia memilih untuk masih bertudung dan tidak ber-dye rambut. Tapi Amalina pilih yang jalan drastik. Selagi Amalina masih kekalkan result yang baik, dan selagi kita tidak nampak Amalina bergambar dalam bikini sambil memegang arak, saya akan katakan bahawa perubahan dia itu bukanlah sesuatu yang negatif.

      Tapi itu hanya pendapat saya. Kita semua mempunyai pendapat yang berbeza. Terima kasih akan pendapat anda. Memang ‘refreshing’ dapat dengar pendapat daripada pendapat yang berbeza.

  8. yang salah, tetap salah. there is no tolerance in this matter. She is a role model, esp to those Muslim’s student. It is so pathetic to see her in that way. Hopefully, she will realize her mistakes and together, we should strive for both, here and the hereafter.

    1. That’s very true. She is a role model, so she should keep up to a sense of decency with her image. I’m sure she will pull herself together. She’s doing a good job so far of explaining herself, so hopefully, she will re-gain our trust in her again as our Malaysian jewel. Thank you for commenting Sabri. :)

  9. Personally, I think, her ways if trying to fit in is just.. Unacceptable somehow. I’m not a good person myself to say this but, why can’t she just do it moderately? We aren’t being so conservative in this stuff but the way she change to fit in is.. Lol, I’m not sure of the words to use. Too extreme?

    I don’t mind if she wanna take off her hijab or wear extra tight clothes or whatever, but do you really need to go all clubbing and such? I mean like, yea, she’s clever and stuffs, but sudden extreme changes like this is just over the top. She’s overdoing it.

    I’m not bashing anyone though, I think she’s brave enough to show her true colors, thanks goodness for that, rather than being a hypocrite. However, there is always a limit. And about you relating her and Mizz Nina, I think that’s not a good example. Mizz Nina is a singer, require her to dress that way to sell her things. But this girl is a student who used to give talks on how she prays and stuffs to achieve good result.

    She sets an example, while Mizz Nina doesn’t. That is the difference. When she do something like this, the kids will follow. When I say kids will follow, means like, budak baik pun maybe akan jadi cmni.

    Sorry if I’m being harsh or whatever, just stating out what I think on this. :)

    1. Hi Irina :)

      Don’t say sorry for your comment, it’s true what you said! And you’re not being harsh too :)

      I do agree with what you said about her ‘fitting in’ as being unacceptable because it’s so drastic. Would be wrong to pin point everybody who are against her change as them being ‘conservative’; that’s just being very immature quite frankly. Her change is such a shock to all of us. I think she did change moderately over the past few years (4 years or so of her being there? Correct me if I’m wrong). But it’s just that all of the sudden, we’re bombarded by all these pictures of her at once, so that is just too much to handle!

      I’m not sure if she clubs. Have you ever come across articles of her saying such? I’m not against her clubbing or anything, but if she does, I sure hope she knows what she is doing, since she has an image to uphold and all that!

      That’s true about what you said on how wrong it is to compare her to Mizz Nina. Mizz Nina is an artist and her image is curbed to sell her product; her talent, while Amalina is a student and role model to the many Malaysians out there. Thank you for making me realize that. :)

      Thank you very much for your comment!

  10. We’ll done!

    I totally agree with your idea! Come’on she’s been leaving abroad for how many years now? 4 to 5 years so I think its not an abrupt change. As you say it’s about fitting into the environment.

    I leave in france and I have many muslim girl friends who do not wear a tudung. This is simply because some schools do not allow religious symbols to be brought into academy. So is it wrong?

    I feel the hypocrisy is very high at the moment in Malaysia. If you think not wearing a tudung is wrong, what about our First Lady. She doesn’t wear it all the time as well… Why don’t you people start by advising her? Dyeing hair is wrong? How about our Malaysian Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Sharizat Abdul Jalil?

    For the record, if western culture affects only abroad students, what about UITM students?

    Where is the hypocrisy people?

    1. Thank you! And I do agree with you. Being exposed to a whole new different environment does pushes one to act upon the environment. In Amalina’s case, she changed her image.

      I have to say though that some people hold religion very deeply, so I would understand why there was big hoo-haa about her not wearing tudung. But like she said in her Skype interview, she doesn’t wear tudung at all, even during her school years. She only wears it during formal events, school and press releases, so that is something everyone should understand I suppose.

      Regarding the hypocrisy statement, I guess that is true to an extent. But I personally feel that it is due to shock more than it is to hypocrisy to be honest. I mean, anyone would be shocked too when you see the before and after photos of Amalina and it’s not surprising that everyone would straight away make accusations of her being culture shocked or being with the wrong crowd.

      I think what I’m trying to say in this post is that people just change. You can’t expect someone to be the same person after he/she lived in an extremely different country than Malaysia, so Malaysians have to understand that and take it into consideration.

      All we can hope now is that she knows her limits, she knows what she is doing, she takes in all the advices by her fellow Malaysians and continue making Malaysia proud.

  11. Dear Malaysians,

    Amalina was sent of to overseas at the age where a person is still seeking for their identity. It’s not a big deal nor a big fuss to strike a chord and announce to the whole world how vast her change is.

    If you’re a 17/18/19 year old, sent off to another country alone, I’m sure you’ll realized by the third month, changes are need to be made so that you can fit in with those who are the same age as her.

    It’s a normal process and people will still change through time. Just as long she won’t disappear and leave our country’s name in disgraceful taste in the eye of the world. It’s fair enough.

    But seriously, why are you attacking her when you have your own female relatives to take care of? ;P Jangan jaga tepi kain orang. If her parents are fine with it, so be it.

  12. The Malaysians who throw shits on her and judged her and all are being kinda childish. They obviously never have experienced themselves being out of the country, yet they talked as if they traveled the world and still have their ‘strong’ iman with them. Bila diorang dah alami sendiri baru diorang tau.

    I mean, it’s not like Amalina’s bound to be forever hijab-less. Who knows she’ll go back to dressing up like a proper Muslim in the future? The society spoke too ill as if there are no chances of taubat. -.-

    A good article, by the way. My prayers for Amalina (:

    1. Yeah, definitely. I read a lot of really horrible comments about her on Youtube and it’s just sad.

      One comment:-

      “What a bitch! I bet she changed because she sucked the white man’s d*ck! HAHA! Why don’t you suck mine! I’m sure you’d turn back like how you once were! WHORE!”

      Shows just how immature and sad some of our fellow Malaysians are. They should go out more; get exposed more. But seriously though, some of us get upset over the most smallest things. It’s ridiculous.

      Thank you for your comment! :)

  13. i like this post… a lot! hahaha… we all don’t know what is going through Amalina’s mind right now but i do agree… just because there’s physical change in a person, it doesn’t mean that they’ll change that much… come on… All of us had changed, be it physical or mentally or spiritually, its a way to find ourselves later in life… yeah she’s not wearing her usual tudung and wearing a more “revealing” clothing, what the hell? its her life… i’m surprised that people are talking shit about it just because of her change in wardrobe and lifestyle… like what Jasmine said, she wants to fit in… u can’t expect a person at that young age wouldn’t want to live the same right? book-smart, yeah awesome, but if u’re nil-experienced in life… nothing can help you.. she might be experimenting with her new life and culture in UK to give her a better view of life to help others when she gets back… never judge a book by its cover!! she’s a smart girl, so why is everybody so damn worried about her losing herself? gosh.. grow up, look yourself in the mirror and reminisce about your life, u did change too when you were young! THUMBS UP for u Jasmine! keep at it!

    1. Thank you PK! Well said! :)

      Let’s hope that she still has her priorities straight while being out there in the big world! If she does, then her clothes should be the last thing we should be worried about yeah?

  14. Nice post :)

    Anyway, I’ve read somewhere (can’t really recall where though) that her mother defended Amalina, stating that the clothes she is wearing while abroad are bought together with her mother, and Amalina actually does not wear the tudung – as you have stated in past comments.

    I’m not pious, but I do believe that people who choose to wear the tudung should keep it on, so I do understand why some people would go all jdano(@&dnakncoahswdn*^$@ over this. But then again, it’s one thing to nasihat, it’s another thing to mengaibkan orang. I understand people might be angry and all but poor girl – I’ve read that she’s actually doing really well in UK.

    It’s normal for people to be like this… but maybe it’s time to realise that there are far more worse things happening than a girl dying her hair, going out partying, dressing up and stuff. Anything she does that may be against religion is – after all – between Him and her.

    So who are we to judge.

    Why not worry about stuff like… climate change, or world hunger, orrr finding out ways to earn good clean money? :D

    Change is inevitable. People can’t be expected to stay the same throughout their lives. I’ve learned that the hard way. So all we have to do is learn to accept or if not, just go with the flow.

    Easier said than done, I know. But if you really want to, it’ll happen ;)

    Happy weekend!

    1. I love your comment and I couldn’t agree more! I totally agree with what you said :)

      “It’s one thing to nasihat, it’s another thing to mengaibkan orang.” (Nasihat: Advice | Mengaibkan: Humiliate)

      “Maybe it’s time to realise that there are far more worse things happening than a girl dying her hair, going out partying, dressing up and stuff.”

      “Why not worry about stuff like… climate change, or world hunger, orrr finding out ways to earn good clean money? :D”

      Well said, my friend. :)

      My point exactly. Why jaga tepi kain orang when kain sendiri tidak teratur? :P

  15. Well, I’m a lecturer in one of the college in sabah, wearing good boy stuff look smart is what I do everyday to work, I teach english to be exact.. In my very own point of view, everyone need is trying to fit into the society, a lot of kids here in my college gone through a major transformation when they stepped into college.. Just for the idea of fitting in.. Good boy turn bad boy.. Kampung girl turn city girl and shit like that.. Well as long as they know who they are, still know what’s their main objective to be in college.. I don’t see any problem to that.. In fact, I myself is another different person outside the college compound.. Its not that I have personality problem, is just a way to express yourself, like some of the commentators mentioned we only young once right? So what’s the big deal bout changing anyway? Yeah Nur Amalina might created havoc and shit.. But it is only a problem if you have the problem to accept.. Who knows? Out of that so called drastic changes.. She still performed her 5 waktu? (My ex lecturer dyed her hair blonde, but Never even once missed her prayer).. I really think that Malaysian should change the way they think and perception to others, there’s nothing wrong bout being conservative, but there are also nothing wrong bout having some changes in life.. Good Morning Malaysia

    1. “Out of that so called drastic changes.. She still performed her 5 waktu? (My ex lecturer dyed her hair blonde, but Never even once missed her prayer)”

      I like this one the most.

      Your point is another point that I was trying to make about how despite physical changes, despite how drastic it is, it doesn’t necessary mean that the person is ‘broken’. Such immature thought to be thinking such way. But then again, we don’t know Amalina personally.

      But who cares really? As long as she knows her limits, no one should be worried about her. And besides, are we really that perfect to be judging other people’s life?

  16. ~ Well..actually the havoc is less thing to do with the eastern values..I do agree with your opinion on change is not always bad.. BUT.. Here the main problem is, the religion.. Islam.. a muslim. there is no need to change to study..moreover to do a make over just like Amalina did.. HERE, i mean is on what you wear, it is the basic, the foundation, the scaffolding of a muslim to wear clothes that we call as “menutup aurat”. Please do understand that.. and as what people say trying to fit in or anything related to that matters, please note that in the way of Islam, Islam is always constant, it cannot change accordingly to era.. BECAUSE Islam is actually the best for any era.. Here, i give you link to prove that there is nothing wrong if we dont change the clothes.. we can always fit in and strive fo excellence..tQ.

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment!

      I do agree with what you said! One does not have to change to ‘fit in’. We can all still be ourselves, like our previous selves, despite being in a foreign country. That is true. I said the same thing in one of the previous comments. Many people who went overseas to study are still themselves. I mean, you don’t have to do drastic changes just to prove that you have changed, that is ridiculous! Changing our views on life is already a change itself, you don’t have to change your whole self to say that you have changed.

      What Amalina did is such a big shock to the Muslim community here; and everywhere else I’m sure! I have to agree. The ultimate argument to this issue is, “WHY MUST YOU CHANGE TO FIT IN? IF ANYONE CAN SURVIVE THERE WITHOUT CHANGING, THEN WHY CAN’T YOU?”

      But I guess at the end of the day, it is what she is. If she wants to do a whole make-over to herself, so, let it be. She is still in her experimental stage after all, and we must all understand that not everybody is the same. There are many, like Siti Fatimah and myself for example, who prefer to not change our appearance, but instead, change our views on life having been exposed to a different culture.

      All we can hope is that they could make our country proud.

  17. I personally like this post about “the change”, but change do has it’s own limit.
    As a muslim, I know how the muslim felt when Amalina took our her hijab and dyed her hair etc. That’s the only wrong doing that I can see from what she’s done.
    because it was against the rule of the religion of Islam. Whatever debate the muslim/non muslim has for this issue, she’s still wrong in terms of her religion. It was stated in the holy Quran. Period =)

    In the other hand, the “other” changes that she has experience really do helped her to evolve and to become a better person ;)

    I hope she’ll find her way back, and bring much experience and serve the country later on. Hey, she was offer a degree in Pharmacology for a year course instead of the normal 4 years. How amazing is that? =)

    1. That is incredibly amazing, hands down :) It’s a definite shock for everyone who have seen before and after photos of her and quickly say bad things about her. I do believe that if she was not introduced as a girl wearing her hijab in the beginning, that this whole issue wouldn’t be as amplified as it is now. Just my thought though.

      Nonetheless, I do agree with what you said.

      “I hope she’ll find her way back, and bring much experience and serve the country later on.”

      Well said. Thank you for commenting! :)

  18. This reminds me of the time Sufiah Yusuf became a prostitute and there were news reports indicating that some cleric here in Malaysia were collecting funds to travel all the way to the UK to help her ‘see the light’ Its so easy to become all religious when it suits us doesnt it? They say ‘let he who is without sin, cast the first stone’ I do not need to be a muslim to understand what has been repeatedly spoon fed down our throats from the time we were born. Muslim teachings are all around everywhere we go to the point that lines get blurred and you have a total misinterpretation of what is pure and good. There’s a popular saying ‘If we are trying to go around to do God’s work..what work is there for God to do?’ my point is..let our maker be our judge..Going around judging, condemning others and trying to bring our religious and moral values onto the table while our insides are soiled with sins is just plain hypocrisy. On a lighter note. this inspires me to create a ‘bebas amalina ‘ campaign…just sayin :p

    1. Hahaha! Bebas Amalina eh???? I’m sure someone has already done that hush hush! Haha! But I have to give an amen to what you said about “let our make be our judge”. That is true.

      Like my teacher said, “I don’t think god is concerned with who she dates or what she wears”. LOL!

      I think everyone is just afraid that she will turn out to be the next Sufiah. But I don’t think anyone should worry about anything. I mean, like I said, as long as she knows her priorities, there is nothing worry.

      She’s still young. I’m sure when she cools down, she will go back to being less loud with her image. For now, let the girl have a bit of fun with fashion and what not.

  19. Hey, just read your’s very insightful and I do agree with you that change is not necessarily bad. I think our society has somewhat created an image of how a ‘Malaysian Scholar’ should look like. I’m not saying that it’s wrong but honestly, I think we should cut her some slack. For me, an image change is no biggie..(It’s just my opinion), as long as she recognises her responsibilities and does them. I’m not saying that I think everyone is entitled to carry out immoral acts as long as they get their grades but there’s no proof that she has…and plus everyone’s moral compass is different. So, as long as she knows she’s doing what’s right according to hers. I fail to see why there’s a problem. Honestly, I think we shouldn’t overreact and recognise that it’ll be really immature for us to judge someone so quickly…These are just my thoughts :)

  20. Now i know the truth~ ceyhh. i heard news bout her and it wasn’t good. So i thought there were real. Thanks to this blog, i now know whats the real story. I should never believe in “khabar angin” unless i see them/ ask the person myself. :)

  21. hello i just so happen to swing by. and i thought your blog posts are amazing. very open minded. keep it up :D!

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