Dear Young Me.

Dear young me,

Hello! I am your future me and I am talking to you as if you would read this which obviously you can’t, but it would definitely help those who did!

First of all, young me, do whatever you’re doing now. Those people who think that you’re dorky and nerdy. Fuck them. Ignore them. It’s okay to go against the flow and I know deep down you know this too! Seriously, you don’t always have to follow the flow if you want to fit in! Waiting for people will only make you slow!

In time you’ll learn that going against the flow and just being yourself would open doors to a new set of ‘flow’ where people would appreciate and follow! SERIOUSLY! It’s pretty awesome! And oh! You should totally know that it’s okay to want to be a leader and to want to constantly polish up on your public speaking and socializing skills! That is a huge plus!!! And you will realize this as you grow older during your time in high school.

Yeah, your weight will play a big role in your life as to how people judge you and how you judge yourself, but believe me, it wouldn’t bug you as much. In fact, you will learn to embrace and love your body and have people to embrace it as well.

Get away from the two older guys who talked to you! Really though, you’re 16 and they are far more older than you, so why bother? You should just stick to guys your own age and yes, they may be slightly immature, but don’t worry! When you grow older, they will be on the same level as you! Believe it!

You will eventually fall in love Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Don’t worry, you will be pretty rad in putting on make-up.

No, you won’t get married at 22 (not yet I hope!).

Yes, you can hold an intellectual conversation.

Yes, you will go to KL for university and you will have a pretty amazing time there.

Yes, you will meet hot people who you’d get to talk to and not only admire from afar.

No, you will not forget your Mandarin despite not going to a Chinese high school.

Yes, you will totally meet Daphne Iking one day. I know how much you adore her. And you’ll get to meet Kimora Lee Simmons too! I know how you wonder to yourself if you would ever meet her one day!

Yes, you can type really fast by just looking at the computer screen. Mad skills!

No, kissing is not so scary! It’s pretty fun!

No, you’re not shy with boys! In fact, you’re pretty good when it comes to talking with boys! Boys that you find interesting, you wouldn’t think twice about talking to them!

Yes, you will bloom into a gorgeous young lady as you grow up! *wink wink*

No, you are not socially challenged. You’ll be just fine, don’t worry.

Yep, he’s gay.

Yes, it’s totally okay to think about girls that way. According to research, it’s totally normal!

Yes, you’ll get to travel to places some day! More to come!

No, unfortunately what you had with him was not love, it was an obsession and it was not healthy! And oh, he’s not as attractive as he was back then! Hehe. 

No, mom won’t get angry at you if you were to come back late. In fact, I think she has pretty much given up on us ever since we moved to college.

Yes, it’s okay to be open about talking about sex. You would even be invited to give talks on Sex Education! Pretty awesome!

Yes, you will have a pretty huge make-up collection!

No, you won’t be sucking on your thumb as you grow older. In fact, you will stop at age 10.

No, you do not sound like a boy. In fact, people will say that you have a pretty sexy voice. Hehehehe.

Yes, your sister will grow taller than you. Ugh! I know right! :/

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Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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