“Jasmine, you are one creepy lady.”

I talked about cyberstalking previously and my current post now will be about the same topic too. But before you shrug and close the window, let it be known that I, Jasmine, am a stalker, and an experienced one too.

My friend called me scary and creepy for my ability, no, talent, to stalk people online. To be able to learn about a complete stranger whom you met via a website where everyone opt for a pseudonym to interact with each other is a really freaky thing. Just by his name and location alone, I am able to track down his high school records, jersey number, pictures of him and up to his favourite colour. If that’s not scary, I don’t know what is.

Source: A Teen Speaks: Do We Even Want To See Who’s Looking At Our Facebook Pages?

I recently came to know someone from the Internet world who gave me two key information about himself; his name and place of work. So I used that to my advantage and did my research. I quickly found his not-so-private Facebook account and another person’s account whom he fondly talks about, his interest, his home address, his website, his Twitter account and his contribution towards said interest.

(p.s.: I’m typing out these things as I accidentally stumble on them whilst going through his stuff.)

I know what you might be thinking, “Jasmine, you are one creepy lady!

I think so too. But see, thank fucking bumblee bees that it is me who found it and not some beyondly creepy person. (See, I said beyondly creepy, so I’m still a creep, but more mild I suppose?)

But at the same time though, it does make one think; if a normal-ass person like me am able to find these information about some random person I met on the Internet, imagine how easy it is for a dangerous stalker to find information about us?

I’m jealous of people who barely use the Internet or who is so good with hiding their information that experienced stalkers like myself find it fucking hard to track them down. I bet it’s their paranoia that forces them to be so secretive about their shit. For the past year or two, I have been tracking down my stuff on the Internet and deleting them ever so delicately because 1) I don’t use them any more and 2) I like to not get stalked once in awhile, thank you very much.

I’m very careful to things that I share on public, non-personal spaces like my blogs or Twitter. Well, at least, try to anyway. I should stalk my own self to see just how much stalkable I am to the general stalkers.

Haha! Hilarious!

Speaking about random strangers stalking you, did you throw some oranges to the lake/sea/swimming pool recently for Chap Goh Mei? I sure did, together with a bunch of other very hopeful girls.

Look at those oranges!
Can you see them????? WHOA!
This better give me a boyfriend this year, or else!

Not that I’m hoping on this or anything. *cough cough*

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

2 thoughts on ““Jasmine, you are one creepy lady.””

  1. U have to start a thing where u charge people. Like a cyber security person.. like u go ‘hey total stranger..would u pay me 50 bucks if i can find out 3 or more pieces of vital info pertaining to your personal life..over the world wide web? if i do, it means you have complete lack of self privacy and you will need my services to ensure your good self from getting dangerously stalked!’ Jasmine..all your years of aimlessly wondering around the net looking for retired self fellatio porn stars may finally have come to fruition..you now have found your calling! (cue church bells!) ;D

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