Surfing 360: Invisible Children

The Internet is a great space for information and finding about new stuff that you never knew existed before this. I put this particular post (and many future ones best fitted in this category) under the main header ‘Surfing 360’ because that is just what it is, me going around the Internet in a full circle and finding out a lot of very useful (and useless) things in it and sharing it with you guys.

Being an avid Internet surfer (lol at ‘surfer’), I tend to stumble on information easily.

For example.

When I went to today, I saw a tiny link down at the bottom of the page talking about The Google Science Fair; a contest especially for those aged 13-18. I was curious about the contest, so I went to find out more about it by going to their 2011 summary where I found out about the three winners of the contest and their research.

Winners (from left to right): Lauren Hodge, Shree Bose, Naomi Shah. Photo by Andrew Federman.

I found out too that they gave a speech on TEDxWomen about their research. How awesome was that? These girls, regardless of young they are, are such great inspiration for other girls out there, including myself. Shree Bose, the grand prize winner was even featured on Glamour’s 21 Amazing Young Women of 2011 list!

I love reading about successful women and stumbling on a list of successful women brought such a great inspiration for me, and these women are my age! It was great to know about all these young women’s achievements; whether in terms of sports, being the youngest person to spot a new supernova, heading their own organization or raising an awareness on a particular cause/issue.

Natalie Warne

I went back to the TEDx video again and saw a link to another video by this girl, Natalie Warne who spoke in last year’s TEDxTeen. She talked about how it doesn’t matter how young you are, anyone can make a difference. By the amount of incredible young people with their achievements that I had accidentally stumbled on, I have to agree with what she said :)

She too talked about her involvement with an organization called Invisible Children; an organization involved in raising awareness about the civil war in Uganda between a rebel group called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Government of Uganda. What’s sad about this war is that the leader of the LRA, Joseph Kony actually abducted children to be part of his army; be child soldiers, while killing and raping villagers as they did that. (Read more about the civil war in Uganda here.)

I got really interested with Invisible Children and the cause that they are fighting for that I started going through their website and find more about the organization. I stumbled on a video about one of the movement that happened in 2009 called The Rescue where they had thousands of people in different parts of the world simultaneously live on the street (mimicking the lives of children in Uganda who ran away to the city fearing that they would be abducted by the LRA), until they had someone influential (a congressman, senator, mayor or celebrity) to ‘rescue’ them.

You can watch their documentary on that international movement here and together share their excitement, joy, frustration and disappointment.

I also stumbled on another documentary of theirs called Tony: The Documentary as I was browsing around their website. I’m still waiting for it to load fully but so far, after 30 minutes or so of watching it, it really made me understand why the founders did what they did; creating Invisible Children and really going all full force with it.

Invisible Children’s mission this year is to further spread the awareness on the LRA and the child soldiers as well making Joseph Kony famous and basically, have the world turn their heads on the issue in Uganda, hence the commencement of Kony 2012; a series of documentary screenings all around the world.

Watch this video to know more about Kony 2012 and how to book a screening.

So yup! That’s what you get from surfing around the Internet! Hope you guys learn something new, I know I did!

Watch the videos if you have time, trust me, they are REALLY inspiring. :)

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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