Since Facebook plans to force everybody into using the new Timeline, I recently created a new Facebook profile because I got paranoid thinking that the new Timeline would enable people to stalk around my posts from years before. Despite me posting everything in the past myself, I rather have it between me and the past, as oppose to everyone, me and the past together. I don’t know if that makes sense.

Simply said, I just don’t want people poking their noses at my own junk that I’ve collected for years. It’s my junk. Mine.

I used an old email as my registration email. I was told to ‘find friends’ via that email and so I did. In an instance, familiar faces from the past start to appear on my screen.  An old friend I knew from primary school, a nude photographer whom I became friends with unexpectedly when I was 16, a family friend whom I have not met in years…

Suddenly happy memories start flashing through my head. It’s funny, comforting and all too familiar.

It’s funny when I think about all these people who once played a role in my life and now, they are just mere memories. I often wonder if I had come across their minds sometimes because they did come across mine. For example, I would suddenly associate something with someone. Or something like that.

I wonder what they’re doing now and how their life has been.

I like how some people who I totally lost contact with suddenly said hi on Twitter. I just get the most pleasant surprise when that happens.

I’m making a lot of effort in connecting with old and new friends again; asking them if they want to hang and what not. It’s nice to reconnect again and have such great laugh (or awkward silence). I never did this in the past and I’m quite glad that I am doing it now as oppose to never at all.

Faceless shadows from the past. [Source]

I wonder who will be ‘mere memories’ of mine years from now. You’ll be surprised who that ‘shadow’ would be. The ones closest to you today could be the one furthest from you tomorrow.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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