Four Days.


I probably don’t tell people enough, but my love for my friends went a bit wee high after my four-day celebration with them. Yes, I had my birthday FOUR days straight!

Thursday (March 1st)

Dinner with sister, her boyfriend and their friends in Bubba Gump. Forced to stand on chair while the waiters and waitresses sing me a birthday song. I was told to, and I quote, “Shake your ass“. Nice.

Lose in bowling but got better than first game. Nice.

12am, everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in the car on the way back to my place.

Reached my place and saw a bunch of people crowding outside my house. Those people were my friends and they had cake with candle. I was surprised. I started crying. Made a wish and blew the candles. Everyone cheered then, SPLASH! Three buckets and two bottles of water on me.

Despite being wet, was SOOO happy to meet friends who came from far for this last-minute surprise by my sneaky sister.

Friday (March 2nd, birthday)

Had dinner with college friends in a new Western/Arabic restaurant. Had such a nice laugh. Went home early due to friend being sick.

Saturday (March 3rd)

Went for lunch with Sister and friend then headed to mall. Spent time there shopping for a bit and what not. Went back, change and headed for dinner with friends (pictured). First time wore a dress for a casual night out; usually dresses are worn during official events like weddings and stuff.

Spent night with each other until 2am talking to each other, cutting the cake and playing Truth or Dare and Kings of Card.


Went home and realized that phone was missing. Damn.

Sunday (March 4th)

Woke up and searched whole room and car for phone. Not found. Sad. Took bath and change. Went for lunch with friends and Sister. Retraced back steps in mall to find phone back. Nothing. Went shopping instead, sponsored by friend. Bless her soul. She said, “It’s your birthday present“. How sweet.

Went back and send Sister home. Reached home and continue searching for phone. Nothing.

Midnight, phone call from sister.

YOU KNEW????” Referring to her surprise 1-year anniversary by her boyfriend.

Yes, I knew. Since Friday. SURPRISE!

OMGSH! Arggghhh!!

Continued my sleep.

I hope your weekend last week was as nice as mine. If it wasn’t, I hope the coming weekend will be :)

Happy Friday and Happy (belated) International Women’s Day.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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