Right now, my brain and my heart are singing the notes to one song. Usually these two do not get along, but after reading and watching the latest ‘fad’ today, I am unanimous in my believe that we are in need of a giant slap in the face. Before I go on with my point (believe me I will get there) let’s backtrack a little.

Growing up, my dad always used to say to me when I wasted food; “you don’t know how lucky you are, there are starving children in Africa/ India” and then there are those aid campaigns with pictures of skeletal-looking children and women with flies on their face. We come across the plight of those unfortunate ones so often that we start to feel indifferent, nonchalant and most times just blasaie.

The common train of thought is, “Yeah, yeah, you are from Africa, we know the people there starve and die,” and then we move on to our first world bitching of getting stuck in traffic, having to wait in line just to get a cheeseburger, that guy who had his beer goggles on when he said he loved you but hasn’t called you back… Etc etc.

Image Source:Kony 2012 Isn’t Perfect, But At Least We’re Talking About Child Abuse

On the other spectrum of things, there are first worldians that actually feel like they need to do something instead of bitching about the new iPad not being quick enough. One such group of first worldians created a campaign called Kony 2012. So just like every bored Facebooker out there, I start seeing his name appear with every blink of an eye, it’s as if they discovered a new STD.

KONY who in gay hell are you?? They say ask and you shall receive, and boy did I find out more then I cared too.

This sorry ass vermin that does not deserve to even breathe the same air we do ‘Joseph Kony‘ had abducted tens of thousands of children into his army and sex slavery! Is this shocking? Not really right we live in a place where incest is an inside joke we make as a form of racism. But watching the video made me cry. As anyone with a soul would. I dare YOU to watch it and not cry.

Now my point (see I told you I’d get there), the brains behind the Kony 2012 campaign are getting severely critisized with speculations of spending the donations made to their charity on personal travels and making bad judgement towards one man without factoring all other angles and information. Personally what affects me most, is the fact that there are a handfull of people who choose to do something about the suffering we all see and hear, instead of sitting on their asses and gorging on KFC. In return, they get slammed.

Joseph Kony

I’m going to be honest. I have no plans in donating any $$ into this organization, but I’m grateful for what their doing because they have helped bring awarness towards the things that matters most and that is faith in humanity. Like this famous former train wreck Britney said “Why don’t you do something“, they’re doing something! If it means they’re using the latest trends to get in your face and make this Joseph Kony guy as famous as Michael Jackson, then be it. We usually make a big deal about a news when it’s hot from the oven.

People get tortured, raped and murdered all the time and we tsk tsk our ways to paying our credit card bills and forget about these victims after a week. I’m glad that that this campaign is higlighting and has pledged to keep reminding us of the horror and the atrocities these children had to go through under this disgusting creature’s ruling because it has managed to drag me back to earth and actually be grateful for all intense and purpose, that although I come from a place that is less then perfect, the fact that I have many choices in my life, I have been cocky enough to believe that it’s a right when there are people out there who actually can’t afford that luxury.


Sharon is a bored fish in a big pond, awaiting for the great meteor shower to bring some excitement in the otherwise mundane cycle of existence. (The picture beside is a picture of 5-year old, Sharon with her Father)

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Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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