Monday, 2nd April

You know how you have an assignment that you completely decide to do last-minute because you’re just a major procrastinator and that’s how we roll? Yeah. And then while procrastinating, each one of your friends come up to you and ask you if you had finish your work and you can’t say “I haven’t even started yet!” and make that look cool because that’s just embarrassing. So you just said, “Oh, I’ve done my research already, just need to put everything on paper.” 

You know that’s not true.

So to feel ‘a part’ of the group, you decided to check the questions and attempt to understand it. Which you did eventually; after a million times of reading that is.

Your friend invited you to the library to do your homework, and you went. But all the while there, with your laptop on, you keep wondering to yourself what you’re supposed to do because it finally dawned on you that the question was confusing and you’re confused as fuck. You ask your friend for clarification and they tell you what it actually is about.

You feel silly for not knowing. It’s so easy.

You stood up and go find some books for your assignment. Books were chosen and put on your desk. Everyone was in awe to see you with that many books. You feel proud for a while and eventually realized that their (the books’) presence felt like it was all for decoration, to ease your conscience. In reality however, you barely touched those books. In fact, you only touched them when my friend slash person who was to help send you home, told you that she is going to make a move in half an hour’s time.

You panicked and decided to flip through the books and actually find something.

At 9.30pm, you went home and upon reaching home, you decide to switch on your computer and put Windows Media Player on loop as to prevent your computer from shutting down while you have a quick shower. It was too cold and you have no tolerance to cold.

After shower, you try to do your assignment. You have multiple tabs opened dedicated to your assignment, but neither of them makes sense. The next thing you know, it was already 11.30pm and you couldn’t take it any more, so you decide to head to bed early, telling yourself that tomorrow will be the day to finish the assignment.

While laying down, you have the perfect idea. You text your friend to ask if she was awake.

You get a phone call. It’s from her.

“What’s up?” She says.

“Hey. Well… I don’t want you to panic, but…”


“I met __ just now, over dinner.”


“And.. It was fun. He was alright. He asked me if I was single.”

“Andddd… What did you say?”

“I say yeah lah. What else am I suppose to say? So then, I think he proposed to me!”

“No way!!!!!! OMG!!!” *excited*

“Yeah. Only thing is…”



“WHAT THE FUCKKKKK??????? It’s 2nd April today!!!”

“I know. But in some countries, it’s still April 1st!” (Not true. All the countries in the world are already officially April 2nd)

“What the fuck mann… NOT COOL!”

You laughed. She didn’t. She was too annoyed to laugh. You laugh again at her annoyance.

Both of you talked for a bit and decided to hang up. Before saying goodbye, she managed to slip in, “That was not cool by the way!”

“Good night!” You said, cheerfully.

You hung up and looked at the time. 00:10.

Right, time for bed.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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