The age obsession.

I used to be so obsessed with age. If you’re younger than me, I’ll treat you a certain way; I’ll act more mature and poised, more ‘adult’-like, if you like. If you’re older than me, I’ll act as matured as possible to let you know that I am worth talking to, that just because I am younger, doesn’t mean I can’t play with the big boys/girls.

But as you grow older however, you tend to realize that maturity (or immaturity) does not tie itself with age. No, no. In fact, the term ‘age is just a number‘ has never been any truer, especially in this context.

See, after a while, you tend to realize that you are not confined to your same-age domain any more, just like how you were confined in primary school and high school. Back in school, your classmates are the same age as you, so you sort of allowed yourself to be wild around them but act a certain way in the presence of those younger or older than you.

But when you reach university or work however, this ‘confinement’ is broken and you are forced to roam around the world, mixing yourself with people who might just be 2 or 3 years apart from you, or 50 years apart. Not only that, but your sense of judgement towards age and personality might jumble up as well.

The young may be the most experienced and matured, while the old may very well be the opposite.

It took me a while to ‘open up’ myself to this idea, but once I did that, I realized that age does not matter any more. Once our personalities match, everything else just falls into place. This I mean, is when it comes to building friendships. I do occasionally catch myself putting a certain barrier with someone younger than me though, but I would quickly forget about it and act normal.

Same goes to immature older people too. I mean, if you act silly and funny, it’s fine; we all have the kid in us. But when you act like a total ass and bullshit your way through things; acting like a total child, then my respect for you will dry up pretty fast. Faster than fast.

What bugs me the most are those people who think that age is EVERYTHING. I have a friend who’s older than me by a year or two and she constantly brings up her age when it comes to making decisions or criticizing my friends’ (including myself) behaviour.

“We should do this. I should know, I’m more experienced since I’m older.”

“I’m older, so I get to choose.”

“Kids these days… Tsk tsk…”

“I guess I’m the only adult here!”

“Oh please. You’re younger, you don’t know anything.”


And then there’s that younger person who values someone older’s opinion just because they are older and it will be best of us ‘young people’ to listen to him/her. It’s good to a certain extent because it shows respect, but it’s annoying if you overdo it, you know?

“I don’t care what you tell me. I’m going to listen to my boyfriend. He’s older.”

“Jasmine, you make the decision for the group, we can’t be bothered since we’re too tired. And besides, YOU’RE the older one.” (because everyone is so lazy to do their part of the job)

Come on! That’s just ridiculous!

Seriously, if we get sooooo age-concerned, the world will fall a part! Nobody wants to work with someone younger because they are inexperienced, therefore, useless. Nobody would want to work with someone older because they (the younger ones) would always be looked down upon because of their age.

How is this not fucked up?

Just because I’m younger, doesn’t mean I’ve never been through things and just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you’re fucking mature. For all I know, my 12-year old cousin may be more matured and considerate than your 30-year old ass!

Just sayin’.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “The age obsession.”

  1. Age aint nothing but a number. I know a lot of people who are my age but can barely take care of themselves. I believe life experience matures someone.

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