Stop caring!

When I was younger, I remember being so into reading magazine articles that have headlines such as ‘What Men Want In Women‘ or ‘Are you his ideal woman?‘. Or one of those, ‘50 Romantic Things To Do With Your Man‘ things.

And more!

    • How to make him like you. (Proven facts!)
    • Make him wild in bed!
    • How to be incredibly successful without doing anything!
    • How to be awake and continue being awake at work.
    • 5 Ways to not fart in public
    • How to save yourself by not saving yourself but still want to save yourself! (So true!)

I might have gotten a bit excited with these lists. But you catch my drift. It’s ridiculous!

When I was a teenager (which was not THAT long ago! Lol!), I literally have a whole folder of cut-outs from magazine pages and printed articles of these things, nicely arranged with pictures of happy couples and super hot hunks. I kid you not! In fact, I still have it and would gladly (though, shamefully) snap a picture of it if I didn’t tug it nicely in my cupboard back in KK which I have mentally labelled it as my teenage life pile.

To make things worst, I even own a list of traits that make out my ideal guy, written by my 14-year-old self! Fourteen! Can you believe that???!!

Oh the hormones and the crazy amount of chick flicks!

I think I can remember some of the things I wrote in that list!

    • Taller than me
    • Really sweet
    • Romantic
    • Cute
    • A gentleman
    • Charming
    • Ambitious
    • Loves me for me

And the list goes on. It’s ridiculous. It’s most ridiculous especially when there is no such thing as a PERFECT or IDEAL person. At least, 100%.

Growing up though, I did come to a realization that these lists of traits and what makes a perfect moment etcetera not real. I mean, they are applicable to SOME people, but seeing that there are a billion people in the world and we are all individuals, it’s quite obvious that this list does not represent EVERYONE, it merely represents some of us of which this list (which I am certain was from a survey of some sort) was directed to.

Do I make sense? Meh.

I mean, I’m sure there are lists talking about the ideal woman being a total Barbie; tall, slim, blonde etc… but seeing as that I have neither these traits but am instead someone who is off average height, plus size, jet black hair with hints of brown and yet, have acquired an interest from one or two fine guys out there, I did realized that this list is incorrect or rather, not quite applicable to some people.

And that makes me feel happy quite frankly.

There is also this ‘rule’ I read where girls should always play hard to get and not be the first one to make a move. That’s not true. So what then? Girls should instead wait for the guy to approach her and while doing so, wonder ever so crazily about when he would do that only to find out that he will never approach her? While, mind you, rejecting every single guy who is interest in her just because he was waiting for that one guy to approach her? Whoa!

You shouldn’t do that!

If you find someone interesting, approach the guy, talk to him and see if your time with him is worthwhile and whether anything would happen with him. If not, move on. You waste less time wondering and more time getting to know more guys.

But then again, I do acknowledge that not everyone can do this; whether you are a woman or man. It’s hard. I find it hard as well. In theory, it’s an easy and fair thing to consider, but in practise, it can be quite challenging. In other worse, it’s easier said than done.

Okay, I’m going off topic.

The ideal woman = You. Always.

I guess what I’m saying is that these lists that magazines have, well, they’re not all real. They’re good for reference purposes but they are not to be taken so seriously on. If you have an urge to approach a guy but feel obliged to stay to the rule of thou shouldn’t approach a man first for thou is a woman, then I suggest that you ignore that list and carry on with what your heart desires!

I’ve seen a lot of my girl friends wanting ever so desperately to get to know a guy but decided that they should wait for the guy to approach them instead only to find out that he’s not the guy for her. OR those women who try so hard to be the perfect girl only to find out that guys dig girls who are completely the opposite of her.

You get me?

So be wild and free!

I think the only thing that is correct in these lists is the part where it says that confidence is sexy. That is unquestionably true. ;)

Speaking about list, here’s an AWESOME list that I definitely think you should read because I approve of it. :P

Ten Ways To Get A Guy To Chase After You

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “Stop caring!”

  1. thanks for the post … I relly don’t get men but then abe it’s good nd es while I do agree lists of absoluts are silly it’s still good to know what you want and go for it

  2. Beauty has no certainty, that’s why it has no boundaries too :D Honestly, I pity people who restrict themselves to only seeing certain beauty. Their life is way more dull..

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