My thoughts on the kidnapping of Nayati.

A few days ago, my friends and I were talking about everything from life, love and the bunch of security guards who carry their flashlights and flash them at couples and suspicious people who were sitting around the park where we were at.

Then, our topic went to the unfortunate story that shook Malaysia. It’s about the recent kidnapping of a 12-year old Dutch-Indian boy in Mont Kiara near Kuala Lumpur as he was on his way to school one day.

Nayati Moodliar kidnapped near his school on April 27th.

When I heard about the news, I was reminded of my 12-year old cousin whom I love so much and how mortified I would be if he was in Nayati’s place. That prompted me to share the news on my Facebook just like all the 11,000 or so Malaysians and everyone around the world.

It’s a sick tale and from the day that the news broke out, I hoped hard that the kidnappers took him for money and would call the parents to give them money in exchange for their boy. If that would be the case, then I don’t think anyone would think twice about giving his parents money if so happens they need it to get him back to them. But up until today, there is no news about his whereabouts.

Distraught parents

I fear the worse and my friend gave me her two cents on the situation.

She reasoned despite hoping that the boy will come home safely, his chances would be rather slim. I questioned her approach to this matter and insisted that it was a negative thought to have and that we should all be positive. But what she said next made me think.

“Although all these publicity is good to find the boy, it is also bad. Publicizing this would just spook the kidnappers out and make the process of transporting the boy to another place (perhaps outside of Malaysia) much quicker because they fear that the boy will be caught in a place where everyone know who this boy is from photos and what not. We don’t know what they want the boy for; to beg after being mutilated, to have his organs sold or other horrible things, but for whatever reason that may be, he is not in the country any more.

Even if he is [in the country], he might already have his hair shaven off or styled in a different way, perhaps malnourished to make him more thinner, thus more unrecognisable. There is a reason why kidnapping cases should be private and under the radar, and not spooking the kidnappers would be one of the reason.”

I feel that publicizing this is a great way to find the boy but listening to what my friend said, I too have a feeling that it may be too late, but I do hope it’s not. I do hope that they will give him back, they have to. This is not right.

It sickens me to the core to know that these people exist. It really does. And what is more sickening is that these kidnappers can be people whom you know; your neighbour, your doctor, your family member… You never know.

I wish I have the ability to find out the bad people in society and lock them up just in time before they make any more sick attempts on people. Seriously.



Nayati has been released by his kidnappers and is back home safely with his family! Oh joy! I feared the worse, but thank his lucky stars that he came back home in one piece!!

I previously hoped that him being kidnapped is for ransom purposes and that his family will have to pay for his release, which is way better than knowing that he was abducted and transported to another country! And luckily, (though I mean, it is still so so horrible!) he was given back to his family after amount of money was paid off to the kidnappers.

All of us have been grinding our teeth, hoping that he’ll come back soon. I was so happy when I woke up and saw the headlines and status updates on Facebook on his safe return. SO HAPPY!

Nayati, back home safely with his family. Him hugging his sister. [Picture]

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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