Why I love talking to myself

My mom told me this once before.

“When you were younger, you talk to yourself.”

And I still do! Even at 22! (That rhymes, by the way. Lol!)

I know, pretty weird. But I could never not remember a day in my life where I stopped talking to myself. The thing is, I love talking to myself. Does that make me sound crazy? I hope not. I would hate having you to think that you’re reading some crazy person’s blog.

I have fun talking to myself. I am my own company, especially when I have no one to talk to. I guess, that’s why I like writing on journals and blogs, it’s like me talking to myself but without my mouth moving, just the voices in my head; my thoughts, if you may. And the best part is (or not, lol), people get to read it.

I talk to myself at night especially, before going to bed. I remember dragging my sister into being one of my ‘guest’ for my talk show whereby I would be the ‘host’ and ‘audience 1’ and my sister would be ‘audience 2’. She would play along for a while, but then, she would get bored and go sleep, so I would continue playing around.

Mom would sometimes knock on the wall to tell me to sleep after listening me talking to myself. “Are you talking to yourself? Go to sleep!” But I wouldn’t go to sleep, in fact, I would continue talking, or rather, whispering to myself.

Source: Scientist Find Talking To Yourself Is Good

I’d speak in different accents too. I love playing around with accents; especially American accents since I’m so good at it because of TV and stuff. I suppose, that’s where I improved my English. It seems a bit ridiculous, I know, but it’s the truth!

It’s hard to tell people though. Sometimes they would ask,

“Your English is so formal when you speak, and you have an accent. Were you in private school before? Or perhaps, lived somewhere else outside of Malaysia?”

Since it would be weird to say “Oh, I learn my accent from talking to myself. You know, normal stuff!”I would reply, “Television and movies,”

I especially like interviewing myself. I would put on different characters or just be myself and lay out some questions for me to answer. They are really random questions; questions that came from the top of my mind. My answers are really random too. Sometimes, they don’t make sense! And I like that it’s alright for me to not make sense because I get a laugh out of it.

This spontaneousness allowed me to apply it in real life especially when it comes to performing on stage (I’m a theatre performer for a local theatre house), public speaking or emceeing for events.

I used to love acting like a radio jockey. It’s fun. I would bring out my radio with an empty cassette in it to the living room and put on MTV and just record myself talking, then directing the radio to the TV for music.

“Hi guys, this is Jasmine. Do you love Madonna? I sure love her! She’s the best! Here’s a song from her.” *takes radio and put near TV speakers*

Of course, nobody listens to those recording other than myself.

Source: 47 Project

As I got older though, I found out about podcasts and did some of those, but it never lasted. Nonetheless, I had such great fun doing it though.

Me talking to myself over the years improved several things:

  • My speech
  • Clarity of voice
  • Pronunciation
  • Acting (from all the role-playing I did)
  • Accent
  • Confidence in public speaking and speaking in general
  • Getting to know people (Q&A sessions – role-playing – helped!)

I know it’s a little insane to owe it all to talking to yourself, but it’s true! I actually did improve on these things with just talking to myself. I love it.

I still talk to myself even until today. In fact, I was talking to myself just now, before writing this post.

I read somewhere that talking to yourself is a good thing. That’s so true. I never thought of my love for talking to myself is actually me being in touch with my inner being. When I read that article, I was blown away! I owe talking to myself (whether verbally or through my thoughts) a lot because it has helped me get through some pretty tough times.

When I’m down, all I had was myself to be comforted by because nobody understood my like I do. I have friends, don’t get me wrong. I have tons of them and I love each and every one of them. But sometimes, it’s good to just get some alone time, you know. :)

So yes, that is my story.

Do you talk to yourself too? I’m sure I’m not alone!

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “Why I love talking to myself”

  1. I always ‘gossip’ to myself, example of convos go like this

    Me1: u knw i was damn pist jst now with so and so
    Me2: Yea but what did so and so do actually that pist u off so much?
    Me1: just the thing he/she always do..like remember the time when that thing happened and so and so did/say this
    Me2: O YEA!! so and so is damn annoying

    hahahahahah, some would call it multiple personalities..i just call it crumbling under insufferable intelligence and creativity

  2. Hello!

    This post was really funny, and it reminded me of my sister. She talks to herself (or maybe to nobody) and a lot of the time, she doesn’t even notice she’s doing it. There was one time when she was doing maths or something and she was saying out loud the word “nomenclature”, which led to a conversation held with herself that went something like:

    “Clature! Clature, don’t leave me!”
    “No. I’m going.”
    “Please, Clature! I can’t live without you!”
    “I don’t care.”
    “If you go, I’ll be so sad, I’ll die!”
    “Well, that makes one of us happy.”

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