Those kinds of movies

I just finished watching Sleeping Beauty which features heavily not-so-clothed scenes of Emily Browning. I keep forgetting that she’s Australian. Which reminds me, Australian accents are fucking hot. I kid you not. I was exquisitely eating up the hotness of this foreign accent. Okay, scratch that. It doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, you know those movies that you watch and then after watching them you’ll be all, “What the fuck did I just watch?” Yeah, those movies. They make no sense and as much as you try hard to follow the story line and try to understand word by word and then feel smart that you do (understand bits of it), the ending just pretty much caught you off guard. And then, you’re back in square one again, now more clueless and confused as hell.

Yeah, Sleeping Beauty is that kind of movie. Those artsy movies that you try hard to understand, but couldn’t because you brain does not think that way. I mean, I wish mine does.

So I tried searching – Googling – for the meaning of the movie and apparently, there is one. Albeit a rather obscure one that involves metaphors and reading between the lines, but there is one (or several).

And after finding out the ‘deeper meaning’ of this movie, you tend to just ponder upon how such meaning come about when you could not, by the life of you, find the movie’s meaning at all, at least, one that is birthed by you upon your observation of the movie and not one that was derived from a secondary source. So upon realizing that this movie has a meaning (or meanings) to other people, I sort of felt that I was rather un-intellectual for not being able to bear any fruits from my observation.

But then again, it’s an artsy fartsy movie and I am no artsy fartsy person, despite, pathetically, taking up film studies as part of my elective for my course in university. Great Jasmine. Just great.

And if you’re wondering, yes I have a map in my room with flags on it. Good eye.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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