My every day is a routine.

I would wake up at 6.30am to my annoying alarm clock, suffocate myself for about 10 minutes or so under the covers, rub my eyes and proceeded to drag myself to the toilet whilst reassuring myself that I’ll be more awake after brushing my teeth and doing whatever ‘business’ that I have to do in the bathroom.

By 7.10am, I’d walk past the rows of houses while indulging in the morning sun and trying not to get killed by approaching cars thank you to me walking on the side of the road, as oppose to a proper pavement. Then, before reaching the nearest bus stop, I have to cross the road with the help of the pedestrian line on the road and broken pedestrian light that was supposed to do a countdown as to how many more seconds I have to cross the road before having impatient drivers, eager to not be a part of traffic jams, start moving about.

But since there isn’t any countdown, I have to literally run across the road, fearing for my life. Or sometimes, if I get bored, I’d count the seconds in my head while running for my life.

Good countdown, functioning countdown.

And then, upon reaching the bus stop, I’d decide where to seat. I’m always at the end of the seat, rarely sitting in the middle. I hate the middle part of the bus stop seat. I feel extremely trapped there. But then again, sitting on the end gives me this crazy thought that passing cars would acknowledge how fat I am, looking from my side profile.

The bus would arrive and I were to hop in it. I love the bus in the morning. The air-con is super cold and sometimes, if I’m lucky, the driver would put on a good radio channel with good music. I don’t like listening to dangdut in the morning. It pains my brain and depresses my fats for not being able to move nicely without having my fats jinggling every where.

I apologize for being too explicit.

Bus stop. [Source]
Finally, I would reach school where I would be greeted by the sight of a group of foreign workers working in the university, busy punching in their cards before starting their day. I’d walk past them, observing their giddiness and excitement with one another as much as I can before getting myself lost in the buildings.

I have such great appreciation and admiration for them. I never really paid attention to them before but having been educated of their stance in the society and having been a keen observer of them in the many bus rides that I have had and the many shopping malls and restaurants that I went, I have made it my mission to treat them, especially them, nicely. Not that I have been treating people (anyone) badly, it’s just that with them, I’d make more effort to smile and say thank you, a lot.

Does that make sense?

I’ll explore on this topic more in the future. Totally.

But getting back to my every day (boring) routine. I’d eat breakfast in the cafeteria while gossiping with friends. It’s bad to gossip, I know this, but it helps to pass time. :P Then off to class where I basically either a) pay full attention, b) sleep or c) get lost in my own thoughts and start being a super awesome doodler.

Doodles on my notebook.

After school, I’d wait for the bus again, hop on it, hop out of it, run through the pedestrian walkway fearing for my life, walk through the rows of houses, reach my house, and just sit in front of the computer or start cooking dinner.

Cum night-time, I’d either be doing my assignment (at the last-minute of course) or watching a movie. Before going to bed, I’d set my alarm clock as a well several reminders that would also act as my alarm clock.

Have I ever told you that I have trouble sleeping at night despite being incredibly sleepy? Yes I do. I’d toss and turn for a good half an hour to an hour before finally dozing off. It’s fucking annoying, I swear.

And then, the whole cycle continues again the next day. Story of my life.

Oh, if I’m lucky, I might get to go out with friends; playing badminton or having late night supper. That’s always fun. Ah, the life of a student… Broke and bored. It’s either that or broke and stressed. Always. :/

But I’m lucky that I don’t get to be stuck in traffic jams. That is always a perk!

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Routine.”

  1. I laughed so much reading this post although I don’t think you intended for it to be that funny. I just kept imagining you doing everything you wrote…specially the running for your life part with the broken traffic light….HAHAA! ♥

    1. Hahaha!! It was intended to be sad but funny at the same time! Sad-funny; sunny?? :P I’m glad you like the part where I’m running for my life! Coz you’re evvilllll like that!! :P

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