Seven things that cross my mind a lot

Just some random thoughts.

1. It’s a lot, not alot. Seriously, people need to realize this. How is it possible that this is the most famous word to be spelt wrongly? Crazy world we live in!

2. What is the most empty and shortest road for me to use to get to point B? How many minutes would that take me? Is my fuel enough for this?

3. Who will I bump into today?

4. I look like a boy today. Thick eyebrows, dark upper lips, baggy shirt. Ugh.

5. Save money. Save money. Save moneeeeyyyy. Resist spending today. Oooh! Cute shirt! RM60? Fuck you. Sale? WHY NOW??????

6. I will clean my room soon. (Obviously that never happened because it still crosses my mind. Lol!)

7. I need to blog about something, but what? :/ Oh, there’s this seven things thing on Tumblr, maybe this would be a nice blog topic!

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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