The Little Things ;)

We all have those little things that tick us off as well as those little things that make us happy. These little things determine how your day and mood will be like so it’s very important to not let the annoying bits take over your day and embrace the happy things instead!

Here is my list and by the way, if you’re having a bad day, please skip the annoying things part and go straight to the ‘Little things that makes me happy’ part :)

Little things that I find annoying.


1. ‘Opening’ the plastic up at the vegetable/poultry section. You always have to make sure that your fingertips are slightly wet so that the plastic ‘slides’ easily.

2. Unable to go through an aisle because it’s too congested, so you’d have to go to another isle just to pass through.

3. Waiting in a long queue just to get your vegetables or poultry weighed. Have more weighing counters please!!

4. Being left with bad fruits, vegetable or onions and you have to pick the good ones carefully.

5. Not having tongs for me to use when picking shrimps, meat or anything that would make my hands all smelly.

6. Accidentally dropping your grocery on the floor. Like just now, I accidentally dropped my tomatoes. Ah man.

7. Not enough money, have to use debit card. I prefer using cash. :/

8. Hey, ever heard of PERSONAL SPACE? You’re in my bubble!

9. People who cut queue. Fuck you.

10. Not having the things I want to buy.

11. Overbuying things I don’t want.


1. Emotional, depressing, angry status updates. Ruins my day.

2. Having your friend’s (whom you tagged in a photo) friend/s (whom you do not know personally) commenting on your photo and having a conversation in it. They created Facebook chat for a reason you know!

3. Conversations in comments or status updates. Again, Facebook chat!!

4. Friend requests from people you don’t know.

5. Emails from unknown old men who are interested in you because you’re “beautiful, smart and intelligent. And he feels that he is compatible with you despite the age difference”. Uhmmmmm. :S

6. Getting notifications that has no relation to you at all.

7. People tagging you in useless photos of things because they want to sell you those things.

8. Not being a part of something; a conversation, a picture..


1. No one tweet you today.

2. Being the first one to start something because no one tweeted you.

3. 140 words. You’re too short sometimes.


1. People not giving you way.

2. Impatient people on the road. Stop honking and highlighting me!

3. Cars or motorcycles that come out of nowhere.

4. Expensive toll and fuel.

5. Going into the wrong highway or road and thus, you have to find a U-turn or an exit that is super far.

Little things that makes me happy.


1. Discounts!

2. Clearance items. More discounts!

3. Empty supermarket. Less congestion!

4. Being able to find a trolley or basket easily.

5. Fresh vegetables and fruits! And it’s cheap too!

6. Being able to find everything I need.

7. Staying under or within the budget.

8. Having more choices for a particular item.

9. Yummy free samples.

10. No pushy salesperson pestering you to buy their product.

11. Getting ingredients that you read off a recipe easily. (Because sometimes, the ingredients of the things that you want to make via the help of a recipe is hard to find!)

12. Cute salesperson selling you stuff (and does not force you to buy them).

13. Bumping into someone you haven’t met for a long time or just bumping into a friend from school/work.


1. Getting notifications involving you.

2. Getting tagged in a photo where you look gorgeous in.

3. People liking your status or photos. Pretty neat.

4. Getting in touch with an old friend after finding them on Facebook.

5. Leaving a comment or wall post on an idol’s page and they actually wrote back or liked it! (Me; Nicky & Azura from Disney Buzz [childhood show. I love them!], Ashley Olsen [she liked my comment to her! I wrote it on her personal FB, which she deleted after a few months] etc.. Can’t remember!)

6. Being invited to events with a personalized message.

7. Chatting with a friend whom you didn’t talk to for a long time.

8. Friends sharing links to interesting websites.

9. Friends sharing your (or in my case, mine) blog because they think it’s super awesome and want their friends to read it too. Yay!


1. New follower request by someone really cool (i.e., a crush, favourite celebrity, someone whom you idolize etc…)

2. Getting your Instagram picture/s or Twitter updates liked by someone you adore.

3. Being tagged in conversations.

4. New updates from someone you adore.

5. Your follow request for a private account is approved. Feeling so special now! ;)


1. People waving their hand to say “thank you”.

2. Smiling between you and the other driver.

3. Being given way.

4. Good looking drivers or passengers.

5. Funny quotes on the back of the car. (i.e., “Honk if you’re sexy”, “Stop smelling my ass you pervert!”)

6. Seeing a really fancy car driving past you. (I don’t find this exciting, but I know a lot of people who’d get crazy when this happens to them)

7. Stopping for a pedestrian and they actually lifted up their hand and mouth “thank you” to you.

8. Seeing someone you know by the street while you drive your friend’s fancy car. Such a great feeling!


1. Waking up on time and not get tempted to sleep again.

2. Going home after a long day to find food on the table waiting for you.

3. Nice cold/warm shower.

4. Amazing weather.

5. Great hair day.

6. Finding money in your pocket. Thank you past me!

7. Having a friend who’s there to help you when in need.

8. Spontaneous get-together.

9. Waking up and not feeling crappy.

10. Amazing dream. Amazing wet dream.

11. The smell of freshly washed laundry.

12. A baby’s laugh.

13. Having someone you secretly like call/text/tweet/Facebooked/Tumblred you. (Facebooked and Tumblred? LOL!)

14. Fitting into something that looks great on you AND you can afford to buy it!

15. Spending a day of not doing anything at all.

16. The feeling after you clean you room/house.

17. Getting over an awkward situation/conversation.

18. The excitement of seeing your favourite characters on TV finally ending up with each other.

19. Long drive while playing relaxing Jazz music on radio.

20. Having you favourite song/show/movie being played.

21. A great first date and dates after that!

22. Understanding the mixed signals you’ve received by someone.

23. Telling someone everything that’s in your chest. Feels good to let it out sometimes.

24. Lying and getting away with it.

25. An amazing conversation and being extremely comfortable with the person.

26. Getting inspired to write an awesome post and people actually like it!

Here’s another list of Life’s Little Pleasure on Thought Catalog that I found out. Totally made me smile! ;)

Have a nice week everybody! :)

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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