That yellow brick road.

We were sitting on the fake grassy floor looking up at the brightly lit sky hoping to catch the stars. We couldn’t. Nobody could. We were surrounded by monstrous skyscrapers all proudly beaming lights onto themselves for the world, as if telling the world that they are the best out of the rest.

I sighed and you try to cheer me up.

“It’s okay. Next time, I promise, when it’s not too bright.”

I sighed again. “It’s always bright. Always.”

I stood up and started walking. You packed your things and ran to me. “Wait!” You called out. I stopped and focused my eyes on a kitten that was eating discarded rice beside a bench.

“Great. What a view. The rubbish bin is just beside the bench and yet people threw it on the floor instead. Great.”

“What’s great?” You said. Curious. “Hey, a kitten. How cute.”

I told you my thoughts, about the rice and the rubbish bin being just close by.

“People are so lazy! They prefer making a mess than be clean and throw rubbish into the bin. Unbelievable!”

“Well…” You start. “When you think about it, without their laziness, the kitten wouldn’t have been able to eat. I bet the kitten would starve to death, but thank god someone discarded the food there for it to eat.”

“I guess… So it’s a win-win situation?” I asked.

“Definitely!” You said.

“Definitely.” I copied.

And then we just walked along the yellow brick road and admired the non-starry sky and overly beaming buildings, while hoping that the kitten would be less hungry than it was before.


Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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