On books and why I can’t always read them.

I love books.

I love going through bookshops and libraries and just be so captivated by books; a ritual that my sister hates to be a part of and would groan whenever we’re anywhere near a book store. But it still does not change the fact that I love books, or rather, the idea of books and me reading them.

You see, as much as my love for books go, I could never find time to read them. Not that I don’t have time at all. In fact, I could give time if I wish to, but I couldn’t because I am too lazy to spend time just reading a book when I could go out exploring the world. Through the Internet, of course.

Books are not interactive, different from the Internet where you can jump from one website to another, see pictures and what not. I think what I am is that I get bored easily and have the tendency to constantly want to do multiple things at the same time. (Tell me you guys LOLed when reading the word ‘multiple’. I sure did! :P)

I hate that I pick so many books from the library and tell myself that I will read this book, only to have it returned back to the library untouched, unread.

There are times though when I have to force myself to read the book that I borrowed and be totally into it that I couldn’t put it down. I love times like that; to be lost in a world not of your own and hungry to know what happens next.

But anyway, if you are like me and you find it hard to read books even though you love books, maybe you could do what I do. Maybe?

1. Pick a book that you’re really interested in reading

I personally don’t like reading something I don’t enjoy. Don’t just pick a book for the sake of reading it, though not saying you shouldn’t, you’ll be surprised to know that what you deem as boring is not boring at all!

But still, pick something you know you’ll like.

Here are some of my favourite books!

Here are some books that I never thought would be awesome turned out to be mind-blowingly incredible!

2. Bring a book everywhere you go

Because you never know when you need to kill boredom. Often times, I start reading a book when I’m bored (i.e., while waiting for class to start or while waiting in line for something). It only takes you a few pages to decide your thoughts on the book. If you like it, you’ll continue reading it and finally, finish it. If you don’t, you can toss it aside and venture for a new book.

3. Force yourself to read

I need to force myself to read, that’s the only way for me to read a book. And also because I don’t own a smart phone to keep my occupied when I’m waiting for class to start, so the book pretty much helps in occupying my time.

There you go!

Also, always remember to never judge a book by its movie. Movies are just adaptation of books, they are not representations of those books. I enjoyed reading Coraline so much than watching the movie, not that I didn’t like the movie. I prefer the book more. I picked up Coraline in my high school library out of boredom because I thought the cover was pretty eerie yet interesting. Didn’t know it would impact me so much! I LOVE CORALINE!

I’m quite excited about the movie version of Life of Pi too! We were forced to read Life of Pi for English back in college and I have to say that I quite enjoy the book.

Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee is a book that I’m reading right now. I had it for about two weeks now and only yesterday did I actually opened it and read it. I quite enjoy it. I’m already on page 100+ or so out of 200 pages. I picked the book from the library because I thought the synopsis was rather interesting, but I only started reading it out of boredom while was waiting for class to start and found it quite intriguing, so I continued reading it.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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