“Oh please, I’m a feminist!”

Feminists out there, REAL feminists, i.e., the ones who really go down to their knees (no puns intended, I swear!), digging up the soil and really REALLY getting their hands dirty… Yeah them… They might hate me.

You see, I view myself as a feminist sometimes, or rather, I see certain things under a feminist lens (whatever that means); from how women a treated by men to how women are treated by women, I’d cringe when something not right is done onto other women, despite it being something small; i.e., telling the woman to wash the laundry just because it’s their ‘duty’ as women.

If that happens to me, that is my cue to scream out, “Don’t tell me what my job is. I am a feminist!

Or the other day when my boyfriend told me to shave my legs to which I responded with a smack on his arm and screamed, “Don’t tell me to shave my legs, I’m a feminist!

Or that time when my boyfriend told me I need to wear more dresses which made me all, “Just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean I have to look like one. I’m a feminist after all, we do not bow down to patriarchal needs!

I feel like the word ‘feminist’ is like the new ‘period’. You know how if you’re in a bad mood and people would be all, “Oh, maybe she’s on her period” but actually you’re not, but everyone blames the period anyway. Yeah, that.

I cringe at myself sometimes when I use the term ‘feminist’ to express myself. What does being a feminist mean? I am not sure. But surely, it doesn’t make someone a feminist when they keep using the word ‘feminist’ as an excuse to not feel oppressed by someone, especially men or anyone with patriarchal ideals; i.e., friends telling you to not be so sexually active, because it’s not a ‘lady-like’ thing to do. Fuck being a lady, if men can fuck around, women can too! It’s not just men who have desires, you know!

I’m going off topic.

My point is that it does not make you a feminist just because you shouted, “I’m a feminist!“. I mean, even if it does, how do you know you are one? Does thinking under the feminist lens make you one? Does working with organizations and getting your hands ‘dirty’ officially makes you one?

One thing’s for sure though, screaming “I’m a feminist” is definitely a way to make the feminist community look like they are just some whiny, bratty girls with their girl club and being all against men. Which obviously is not the case (entirely). I’m not some feminist expert or something so I don’t speak for the feminist community. I am merely pointing at how silly I feel sometimes when I look back at my “I’m a feminist!” screaming self. *smacks head*

Anyway, here are a list of requests/advice that would make any feminist-thinking girls out there shout, “I’m a feminist!” (Just as a joke though, don’t take it seriously)

Mom: “Clean your room, you’re a girl, you’re not suppose to be messy!”
Me: “But I’m a feminist!”

Boyfriend: “Cook for me, babe.”
Me: “I don’t cook! You cook! I’m a feminist!”

(Male) Teacher: “Legs off the chair please!”
Me: “Is it because I’m a girl? I’m not lady-like enough if I put them up? But I’m a feminist!”

Brother: “Stop looking at boys. Only boys look at girls. You’re disgusting.”
Me: “Girls have needs too. Live with it. I’m a feminist.”

(Girl) Friend: “What a bad driver! No wonder, a woman is driving!”
Me: “You know that you’re a woman too right? Stop demeaning other women! Be a feminist!”


Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

4 thoughts on ““Oh please, I’m a feminist!””

  1. Aaaaw u’ve finally ditched the ‘partner’ tag and fell into the ‘boyf’ wagon..wohooo!! In terms on feminism..its just an outdated term that we women use to get what we want..Personally I just believe in equality for all just like I KNOW for a fact that there are some things I CAN NEVER do and will need a man to do ie: shoot sperm into a vagina. so the next time the boyf asks u to shave your legs..just say your going native instead!

    1. Haha yeah! :P And I do agree with you that women can’t do EVERYTHING. Men and Women were created for a reason, to help each other survive. So if we run around being all, “I don’t need you! I’m a feminist!” or “I’m the man, I’m stronger, listen to me!”, that would just suck. I bet the big guy up there is being all, “I created both of you so that you help each other, not be at each other’s throats all the time!”

  2. I like how you used the way people use their periods as an excuse. I think its utter bullshit when girls blame their bitchyness or emo-ness on their periods. It may affect our moods but we can control how we react because of it. It seriously pisses me off.

    And I agree with your entire article. Good one! :D

    1. Yeah! I especially hate it when they use the excuse on other girls. I’ll be all, “Bitch, cut the crap. I bleed just like you, I know how you feel. Stop using that same excuse, you know it’s not entirely true!” Lol. And thank you, Naina!

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