A world where everyone speak their minds out.

I was thinking in the morning on how awesome it would be to have the ability to read people’s minds. I mean, think about it! You can be someone’s perfect person if you play your cards right by following everything (or going against) everything the person thinks about.

Imagine… You approach a person for the first time and start reading her mind.

Her: “Hmm… He should smile more, I bet he’d look cute.”
You: *start smiling and acting all charming*
Her: “OMG. He’s perfect!”

Something like that :P

And then as I think about what wonderful things could happen to me if I was able to read minds, I started becoming all depressed. What if they think about me negatively? Can I handle the truth of knowing my flaws through their eyes? I mean, it’s already hard enough to accept my own criticism of myself, would I be strong enough to accept other people’s criticism?

A friend brought up the issue on how nice and easy the world would be if everyone just speak their minds out. It’s better for everyone to know the truth than have everyone guessing why someone is acting a certain way. I don’t disagree with her. It would be easy. Ideally, it would.

So I decided to list some pros and cons of living in a world where everyone speak their minds out.


    • You know what they’re thinking about
    • It’s easy to figure them out and ‘act’ accordingly
    • Both of you can accommodate to each other’s needs after knowing and understanding what each other wants
    • No more assumptions.
    • You can better yourself from knowing your flaw
    • You can quit being in denial
    • Saves brain juice and time thinking about the whys and hows.
    • No more wondering.
    • Makes you ‘strong’ emotionally because you can accept criticisms and, because of all the compliments!
    • Relationships will become stronger through honesty.


    • You’d get hurt knowing their true feelings about you
    • You’d be disgusted, angry, sad, surprised etc.. knowing everything about them
    • You’d spiral into depression upon constantly receiving criticisms
    • A lot of arguments
    • Not everyone can ‘handle’ themselves properly when presented with criticisms
    • Relationships will potentially crumble
    • Intimidation from other parties
    • Self esteem will be crushed
    • Suicide cases rise

Okay, that’s all I can think about. What are your views on living in a world where everyone speak their minds out? Would you like it? Would you not like it?

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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