REST IN PEACE MR. D: Remembering a great teacher (Photos)

Click here for Mr. D’s tribute post.

Although his death was a tragic one, Mr. D. would always be remembered as this colourful person who never fails to entertain the students in his classes and workshops. He loves to dance, crack jokes, make funny faces and be a total goofball.

That’s our Mr. D!

Here are some pictures to remember him by. I want everyone to know that he is not just a nobody who took his own life, but in fact, he is a somebody. He has inspired so many people and have been there for them. It is unfortunate that his life ended the way it did, but although what he did pains us, we still do very much miss and love him.

Presenting, our Mr. D!

Performing during a talent show. (Photo by Jonathan Lee)
Doing his thing! (Photo by Jonathan Lee)
During the last day of class, my classmates gave him a tie as a gift. (Photo by Sheryl)
We’ll always remember that wide grin of his! (Photo by Emily)
Sheryl, Janice and I together with Mr. D during our last day of class. We had a pizza party!
Me holding our class picture.
Me awkwardly posing while he was talking to a group of students.
Our last picture together :)

Here’s a video of Mr. D during his Talent Show audition. He is really enjoying himself there!

Rest in peace Mr. D. You will be forever missed.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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