Dear Blog #01

Dear Blog,

I can’t sleep. Again. My left arm is aching right now and it is uncomfortably annoying. Yes, it is uncomfortable and it is annoying.

When I can’t sleep, I do three things. I don’t do it ritually though, but things that I would consider doing. 1) Forcing myself to sleep, 2) writing or 3) watch videos, preferably porn. I am on the second one now, the last one will come.

My bed is too small and it squeaks and squeals whenever I turn around to make myself comfy. I need to change my bed frame. I should opt to sleep on the floor next time, but that requires me to ditch the bed frame and put away all the things under my frame. I have so many things under there.

I got some essential oil thing that is supposed to help you sleep. I’m not sure if it works because it feels like it doesn’t. I’m starting to wonder if I am an insomniac, the mild kind. And then I wonder if maybe I am not an insomniac and perhaps I just think too much that it pretty much fucks my sleep up. I guess.

I’m yawning. That’s a good sign right? (By the way, did you yawned too? It’s contagious!)

I read the other day about the life of swingers. You know, couples (married or not) fucking other married or not couples and be totally normal about it. I imagined a life like that. I think that would be pretty neat. You don’t have to worry about your spouse fucking other people behind your back because you’re fucking them together. Now, wouldn’t that be just dandy? I wonder if any of my uncles or aunts are swingers. Hmm…

Just read a status by a friend. She’s from Sheffield. Reminded me of Mr. Sheffield from The Nanny. Awesome show by the way.

I’m hunted by home lately. By hunted, I mean, I keep thinking about home, a.k.a. KK. I miss KK so much. It’s funny though because when I was at home last time, I was dead bored and I wish I was in KL. But now I miss KK. I miss everything about KK; the places, the friends, the ability to drive everywhere I want without worrying about tolls or fuel being sucked dry ever so easily. Fucking annoying.

And I don’t know if you’re reading this, but I miss you Australian. You know who you are.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “Dear Blog #01”

  1. oh and try reading in bed, lying down. preferably something which you don’t want to read… something that bores you to death. you’ll either fall asleep outta bordem or your hands being tired of holding the book up. happens to me ALL THE TIME!

  2. Do you exercise? What you are describing in the first part (weird aches, insomnia) was a major issue for me for a long time, until recently. I solved it through light swimming and gentle lifting. It’s not about exerting yourself or “tiring yourself out” either, because that makes it worse somehow. A little gentle (and crucially; fun!) exercise completely knocked out this problem for me.

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