My Must-Have from Coach’s Legacy Holiday 2012

Legacy Penny Shoulder Purse
Legacy Leather Duffel in Tourmaline

Photos courtesy of Bag Addicts Anonymous and Coach.

Why the Coach’s Legacy Holiday 2012 collection is a must-have for me?

LOOK AT IT! They are incredibly gorgeous! And I’m not just saying this to win me my first Coach beauties, but I really do mean it! I don’t usually look twice at expensive goods because well, my student salary (yes, what salary? EXACTLY.) do not permit me to do so but going through the Legacy Holiday collection, I just drooled!

I love, love, LOVEEEEE the Penny Shoulder Purses! They are too cute! Just look at them! Do they not want you to go to them and just pinch their cheeks? If only they have cheeks! You know how you go to malls and see babies with them huge ass cheeks and all you want to do is pinch them and their parents stand there being proud of their cute babies? Yes, I want to be that parent and I want people to come to me and tell me they want to pinch my Coach babies! And best part is, I don’t have to get knocked up! Double points! You know, babies, Coach, they’re purses and not babies… Oh well, you get the idea!

And don’t even get me started on the Leather Duffel! How sexy is that bag? I don’t care if the photo makes it sexy for ‘promotional purposes’, but seriously, how can you not fall in love with that bad girl? From her gorgeous colour, sexy curves, playful tassels and deep pockets (no pun intended), nothing can go wrong with your casual Sunday morning stroll down, oh I don’t know, sexy land? Even if I put on some baggy t-shirt and tracksuit out for a stroll, with this baby on my shoulder, Heidi Klum is no where close to being as sexy as me. Just sayin’, no hate.

So why is Coach’s Legacy Holiday 2012 collection is a must-have for me? Well, when fantasizing about bags give you the greatest satisfaction ever, even if it’s only for a short time, you know they’re worth every bit of your time! No bagmo. Get it, no homo, no bagmo…

Man, I should just… stop. :/

So Coach and Miss Bag Addicts Anonymous… *poke poke*


P.S.: This is a contest submission. So.. Hehe.

P.P.S.: If you have bag fetish, do drop by Bag Addicts Anonymous because her blog is super duper famous and I’m like her favourite person in the whole wide world. *wink wink at B.Y.*

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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