Dear Blog #02: You Should Be Thankful.

Dear blog,

You should be thankful.
I have a disease. I make babies, I play with them and then I abandon them.
And sometimes, I’d pull the plug on them.
You should be thankful that I did not abandon you or pull the plug on you,
not that I couldn’t, but I wouldn’t.

You should be thankful.
For the fact that I’d spend hours thinking about what to write on you,
Or not write because I would eventually delete things that I think are not important enough for me to put on you.

You should be thankful.
To the fact that people visit you and go through your pages.
Though they desire to read what I write, they go through you first to get to me.

You should be thankful.
Because you have me.
I know and you know that neither one of us can live without each other.
My need to have a canvas and your need to have a friend tops everything else.

Ultimately, you should be thankful for having me to be thankful of you.
Because without you, I will be bored out of my mind.
Without you, my inner thoughts cannot be shared to the world through you.
Although I may be insignificant compared to so many other people, I am significant enough to the few who come and visit me through you.
And through your eyes, I am not insignificant, I am god.

You should be thankful.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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