You’re invited to KK’s arts festival!

Hey guys!

I apologize for not been writing lately due to my crazy schedule! Ever since I got back to Kota Kinabalu (where I’m from), I’ve been pretty busy organizing this super awesome event together with my friends in the Green Leaf Theatre House (visit our website!).

The event is called SplashKK Arts Festival 2012, a fundraising festival filled with exciting live theatrical productions, amazing cultural performances, beautiful visual art displays, interesting short film screening, mind-blowing dances, creative music ensembles, bazaars, and other spectacular art/performing art items in a single fixed venue in a day!

SplashKK schedule
Visit our Facebook event page for more info!

Best part is, funds raised from this event will be used for Project Branch Out, an initiative by the Green Leaf Theatre House to bring theatre education to underprivileged youths in Sabah, especially those in the interior parts of Sabah.

So not only will you be having fun but you’ll also help in bringing the arts to youths around Sabah which indirectly promotes confidence, overcoming any stage frights, promoting the English language, allowing youths to engage in useful and positive activities in their spare time as well as creating life long friendship with them.

SplashKK will be fun, fun, FUN! So bring your friends and family!

I’m selling festival tickets, so if you’re interested in coming and getting cheap tickets, you know where to find me! Just leave a comment with your email on this post and I will contact you personally :)

A thousand brownie points for using Paint to create this (seemingly) awesome poster!

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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