Stop introducing sex to your penpal.

So, you meet a nice guy online. He’s half way across the world from you and he’s your typical tall, dark and handsome sort of guy. Both you and him click so much. You talk to each other every day and talk about everything. You update him on your school, on how fucking annoying your teacher is, and he updates you on his work, on how miserable he is because the guy who sits beside him has a bad body odour. He’d show you the faces he would do when that B.O. guy talks to him. You laugh. In fact, you laugh so hard that tears come pouring down your face.

You adore this guy. He is everything you want in a guy; charming, handsome, romantic and hilarious!

Perfect guy. Found him!
Perfect guy. Found him!

One day, you came online and was feeling rather horny. You decided to do something different. You were talking to him on your bed with your webcam on and you start flirt around with him and he flirts back. Then suddenly, you find yourselves butt naked on cam. A few minutes later, ‘it’ happened.

“You were amazing! Oh my God! And your body… WOW! Just WOW!” He said.

You blush and say your good night. Your confidence was elevated high up in the sky.

The next day you see him online. You were doing your work and didn’t feel like talking to him and the chat box pops out. “Hey sexy!” It’s him.

You told him that you would get back to him and he respects that. “Alright, can’t wait to talk to you!”

When you finish your work, you turn your attention to him. You told him about your day, and he told you about his day. Everything was normal. Then out of the blue, he says it. “So, you were pretty wild last night. I loved it. I’m pretty horny right now, want to do something about it?”

You don’t know what to say. You were in shock. This is the first time he actually suggested something like this. I mean, even if we did got it on last night, it came naturally, not pre-meditated like this.

“Sorry. I’m not in the mood right now. Maybe another time.” You say politely.

“Aww.. Come on babe, just for awhile? You were so sexy yesterday. I kept thinking about you the whole day today. Come on. For me?”

After awhile, you give in.

You. You're possibly even hotter than this.
You. You’re possibly even hotter than this.

The next day, both of you talk again. You talked about your day and he just sits there and listen to you. He doesn’t tell you about his day, instead, asked if you could show him your boobs. “Just a tiny bit. For me?”

The day after that, after exchanging hellos and how do you do’s, he excitedly say, “Hey, let’s get on cam. I miss that sexy body of yours!”

Slowly, your exciting days turn into a routine. Instead of sharing stories, you’re cyber-fucking each other’s brains out. Correction, he THINKS he’s cyber-fucking your brains out. You’re bored as hell.

Days turn to weeks, weeks to months. Daily talks turn weekly because you are bored with the routine. There are times when you try not to talk about sex at all, just to get back to the fun, exciting moment that both of you had before, but obviously, that was hard.

“Hey, so how was your day?” You ask.

“Fine. You?”

“Good too. My lecturer’s a pain in the ass.”

“Yeah? That sucks. Hey, want to do something fun tonight?”

“Nope. I just want to sit here and talk to you.”

“Really? But that’s not fun.”

“Yes it is!” I insisted. “So, how was your day?”

“It was ok.”

“Yeah? What did you do?”

“Same old, same old. Hey babe, I’m really horny now. Let’s do something about it, shall we?”

You sign off straight away.

"This is not happening again."
You: “Oh wow? Really? Again?”

The few weeks after that is like a total train wreck. You don’t anxiously wait for him any more, instead, you find it a bit of a chore to talk to him because you’d know what your talk will result to. He doesn’t respond to you as enthusiastically as he did before. Instead, listening to your day is boring to him and seemed to be something he is forced to listen to (just to be nice) in order to get you to open your clothes for him.

This happened to one or two other nice guy friends that you meet online whom you never talked to any more (including him).

And thus, it became a lesson to you to not to do that any more. Ever. Well, you will still probably do it but with someone who you know would not turn into a zombie like that.

Luckily, you can find guys who you have cam-fucked with who do not necessarily want to talk about sex 24/7 with you. But we should probably reserve that story for another day.

For now, this is the story.

Have you had similar experiences?

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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