I met my boyfriend on OkCupid.

Lunch with friend whom I have not met for a really long time.

Her: “So, how did you meet Z?”

Me: “You wouldn’t believe if I told you. It’s too weird.”

Her: “Oh come on. I can handle weird. I have friends meeting their boyfriends in a club before!”

Me: “We met on a dating site.”

Her: “WHAT!”

There is either always silence or a big “WHAT!” whenever someone asks me or my boyfriend, Z, or both of us at the same time on how we met. Often times, we tell the truth which is often accompanied by “ARE YOU SERIOUS?! THINGS LIKE THAT HAPPEN??”, other times, we casually say, “We met through friends,” to avoid mapping out our history amidst judgemental faces.

We’ve all heard about online dating before. When Match.com first came out, it was all the buzz. Other similar websites follows. Some even have customers to pay them to find the ‘right’ match. I thought that was a waste of money.

You see, it’s weird to meet your boyfriend from the Internet, what more from a dating site! I feel like the world is slowly opening to the idea of meeting friends over the Internet, but not so when it comes romantic relationships. It’s just too weird and you rarely hear of such thing! I mean, when you think about it, the only places that you hear about ‘success stories’ of meeting someone via dating sites are on dating sites themselves which are potentially (if not already) fake.

Being an online socialite (yes, I call myself that. Lol.) who spends my time on chatrooms, SkypeMe!’s and social networking websites, it has never across my mind that I, the online socialite, will have a relationship with the help of a dating site!

[image source]
[image source]
After a horrible time on Date in Asia, I read about OkCupid and decided to try it out.

I loved it there. Sure, I found a lot of extremely weird men there, but compared to Date in Asia, OkCupid was pretty alright and less dodgy. I mean, at least I found some pretty decent guys there. Not many, but some amidst the sea of weird ass sex questions they ask on the site.

After a few months on the site, I decided to deactivate it. I realized that I was beginning to become obsessed with the site, waiting for new messages from guys I will never meet as they were neither boyfriend nor friend material.

My hiatus from OkCupid was pretty short-lived though. After 2 months, I decided to go on it again. On my first day back, I received about 20 messages. Pretty normal for girls on dating sites to get that many messages, so don’t freak out too much.

My boyfriend was one of those 20 guys. He sent me a hopeless “Hello, how are you?” message (which I don’t really particularly like as I prefer longer messages. First impressions are important!) to which I replied anyway together with all the other 20 guys. From there, I start to buffer guys who I would like to talk to based on our chemistry from our to and fro messages.

Z and I had chemistry. He made an effort to give me long messages after the first few messages to which he related information from my profile.

“So I see you like Jazz? I don’t think I’m specifically Jazz person, I love all kinds of music. But Jazz is always nice once in awhile.”

Unfortunately, Z wasn’t the only one I had chemistries with. I knew a few guys before Z whom I ended up being really good friends with, but Z was the first guy I met in real life.

After a few weeks of messaging, we decided to exchange our Skype details and continued there. It was fun talking to him. We share a passion with watermelons and left-handed friendly things.

Then an unexpected twist to our online friendship happened one night – we decided to meet. It was very spontaneous. I spoke about how I like my roti canai – roti boom with mata lembu on top – and he casually asked if I wanted to go out because he was hungry and so was I. I said yes and we went out. It was both of our first time going out with someone we met off a dating site.

A first date over roti boom and sunny side ups.
A first date over roti boom and sunny side ups.

What was funny was that OkCupid was his first ever dating site and I was the first person he sent a message to which ended up being a successful friendship, where as he was the first guy I decided to meet in real life after talking to more than a thousand people (I might have exaggerated, but it feels that way!) whom some I have became really close friends with on chatrooms and other social networking sites (including OkCupid) in the span of 10 years!

So long story short, we hit it off and became an item.

That was 6 months ago.

The story of how we met is an interesting one to tell. I have always wondered how my next romantic relationship will happen. Perhaps I will meet him in a bar as we are both puking our brains out from being completely wasted. Or perhaps we will meet in our parents’ high school reunion party where the old people would mingle with one another and their children who were forced to come with them would sit in the corner busy with their iPhones and what not.

But seriously, I could never have imagined meeting (and hitting off) with a future boyfriend on a dating site!

Z and I.
Z and I.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “I met my boyfriend on OkCupid.”

  1. Congratulations! I think more and more people are getting used to the idea that some relationships start from dating sites, and it’s gradually being accepted more. I was on dating sites 11 years ago – it seemed a lot less common back then! Maybe it’s now being accepted more quickly where I am because it’s a big city (London.) Anyway, I’m glad for you guys that your first time meeting up with someone worked so well!

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