Dear Diary: Six days in Joan’s life.

29 June 2013

Dear diary,

I saw John today. He was sad as usual and walking with his head down as he walk pass some familiar faces. I guess those familiar faces would want to say hi if John didn’t seem so gloomy. But then again, nobody is John’s real friend, not that he has any anyway. I guess that’s why nobody bothered to stop and ask him what happened. Perhaps people get it, you know. John is sad, let him be.

30 June 2013

Dear diary,

Vicky is late again today and she’s freaking out. She told me to go to the pharmacy and help her get some “test thingy”. I don’t know why she calls it that. I think she’s in denial. I told her to get it herself because she needs to learn to be responsible. She got angry and refused to talk to me and then started crying. I hate being with someone who cries, I never know what to do with them.

We eventually went to the pharmacy. I went inside while she waited in the car. I told the pharmacist that my friend wanted a pregnancy test kit. He seemed to not believe me, perhaps he thinks that this ‘friend’ is actually me, but he gave it to me anyway.

Edit: Negative. Guess who’s out celebrating now? Hint, I’m at home.

2nd July 2013

Guy: Hi, how are you doing?

Joan: I'm fine. You?

Guy: Great great. How's your boyfriend doing?

Joan: Fine. How's your boyfriend doing?

Guy: Oh well, he's just hanging... If you know what I mean... Hehehehe.

Guy: You still there?

Joan: Yup.

Guy: Cool. So, do you want to meet my boy friend. He's pretty hot and uhm, hard. Hehehe.

Guy: Hey Joan, you still there? Are you busy?

Joan: Yup. Sorry. Work.

Guy: Ahhhhh... Soooo.... Yes? What are you doing? What are you wearing? What is your bra size? What colour panties do you have on now? 

Chat disconnected.

3rd July 2013

I was in the library when he came in. He sat beside me and told me to listen to his headphones. I did.

“Is that a girl crying in pain? What kind of music is this?” I asked, shocked. “It’s not music,” He said casually.

He took out his ipod and showed it to me. Porn. Japanese. No wonder. “Really, John? In school?” He laughed and walked away.

Vicky came in a few minutes later and showed me her latest stretch mark on her belly. She was sure that she is pregnant even though the test came negative. She started to cry again and talk about her lost youth. She blamed me for not stopping her before she went any further. I just told her that maybe she gained a bit of weight around her belly, hence the stretch mark. She blames the baby.

We went to the pharmacy and bought three different baby tests thingy. All negative. She is happy but is still blaming the unborn baby in her belly for making her ugly.

I think I should get her checked.

4th July 2013

My work finished early today, so I had some time to go around the mall for some well deserved Me Time. Not that I can buy anything though, I’m broke.

As I was waiting in line to get a movie ticket, some guy walked in front of me and then stopped, and kept on walking. I ignored him, but I can feel that he was looking at me from far. I looked at him and for that short moment, both of us were looking at each other. I ignored him and looked away.

It was almost my turn when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned. It was the guy. “I think I know you,” he said. “You’re Joan aren’t you?” I wrinkled my eyebrows trying to remember who he is and I can’t. “Uhm… Do I know you?” I asked. “Oh my god! It is you! It’s me, Guy!” Oh shit, oh shit. “Uhm, I think you got the wrong person.” I ignored him and looked in front.

“No, it is you. Remember me, Guy. Oh come on, we’ve been chatting all this while! Don’t play dumb now.” It was my turn now and I walked to the counter to get my ticket. He waited by the side. “Hi, what is your movie right now. Any movie.” I asked the lady. “Uhm. Despicable Me 2 is playing right now. But we only have seats in the front row.” She tried to explain. “It’s fine, I’ll take it.”

The moment I got the ticket, I walked to the opposite end, away from him and ran straight into the cinema hall. I can hear him calling my name but I acted like I didn’t.

Finally, safe at last.

5th July 2013, 12.30am

Guy: Hey, why did you run away just now?

Joan: What?

Guy: I saw you at the cinema just now. Why the fuck did you do that? I was calling your name out and everyone was looking at me like I'm some fucking maniac!

Joan: I wasn't at the cinema.

Guy: Don't lie. I saw you. You know who I was! I've seen your pictures okay, I know how you look like.

Joan: I'm horny.

Guy: Huh?

Joan: Baby, I'm horny.

Guy: You are?

Joan: Yes. I want you.

Guy: Wow. This is a first time. You're not bullshitting me, are you?

Joan: Why are you still talking? I fucking want you. Fuck me, baby.

Guy: Fuck. You're so hot. Hang on, let me set my cam up. We can have some c2c. 

Chat disconnected.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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