How Kate Middleton makes us feel human

The royal baby is everywhere in the news these days which is obviously a huge news, but I would like to divert your attention to his mom; Kate Middleton (not that she has never been given much attention already or anything).

I love and adore Kate. I never did before though. I didn’t dislike her per se however, I just didn’t bother much about her really. Her story is a fairytale, of course, but I never did see her as someone impactful to society other than the fact that she gives girls hope that one day they too can marry a prince when they least expect it; royal blood or not. Lol.

As I gotten used to watching Kate on the media however, I realized how different she is from other famous people. Famous people are usually famous because of something that they’ve worked hard to be famous for; actors, actresses, singers, entrepreneurs, talk show host, pornstar (of course I will add this in!) and so much more! But for Kate however, she’s famous for being a princess and she’s mighty good at it too!

For most celebrities (in Hollywood for example), appearing like a gods/goddesses with buff and beach ready bodies along with flawless faces are a must! They are role models after all; the perfect embodiment of human beings! However, for those who did not aspire to be famous or god-like but was pretty much born/bred/married into a title, it’s a different story. They’re just normal people like you and I, but with an added ZING to them of course.

Hence why, someone like Kate Middleton is such a perfect example on just how normal, REAL, non-god-like person is really like; well, at least an ideal version of that person. Lol. Not too crazy, decent, witty, poised… You know what I mean.

Here are top 3 reasons how Kate Middleton makes us feel HUMAN

  1. She makes covering up sexy. You don’t have to expose every part of your body to feel and be sexy, confident, beautiful and be respected. Sometimes the right kind of clothes can give you all of that. It’s time to take pointers from Kate! :)


  • Moms all around praised her for showing post-baby bump and not covering it with a big dress. In the media, celebrities mothers are pressured to get ‘back’ their pre-baby bodies, thus hiding their post-baby bodies while they ‘work on’ their bodies. Hence why, to show off your ‘not so flattering’ post baby body is a big taboo for many women for they fear that they will be frowned upon.

    It’s like saying having big breasts are more socially accepted than small breasts because the media praised women with bigger breast and ridicule those who don’t have well, enough of it, you get me? So these celebrity moms will try everything to conceal their post-baby bod before finally showing off their ‘new’ bodies. Not Kate though! Bravo!

  • She’s so down to earth, heck, she even does her own make-up during her wedding! If that doesn’t mean something, I don’t know what does! For the biggest wedding of the century and for anyone’s lives, the last thing you’d want to do is do your own make-up, but she did! On top of that, she usually repeats her clothes too, which is a bit no-no in the celebrity world, but who cares! That’s what normal human beings do anyway, we repeat clothes!


I wish I would cross paths with Kate Middleton one day. She is truly and inspiration not just for many women out there, but for young girls too!

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “How Kate Middleton makes us feel human”

  1. Kate Middleton and the whole royal family (not only in the UK, but any royal family) make me so ‘inhumane’ and here are my top three reasons:

    1. They can “estimate that at 700 babies born into poverty right now, every—on the day that the royal baby was born. And at the moment, the British government is taking measures to make life harder for those children, particularly the children of single parents, particularly the children of teenage single mothers”.

    2. Hunger and poverty cause the death of 500 thousands children per year and we be like: “wow the royal family”, “wow Kate, what a down to earth lady”, “wow she is a real mom”.

    3. Does the world produce enough food to feed everyone? yes, but some people are more important like the “royals” and the privileged people.

    Mainly these three reasons make me wonder if we are actually human? the facts and figures are far worse than this. I do not see any logic behind this stir that came about after this birth. Why do we really care about the royal family? did we not read history books?

    1. Your points are relevant, Sina. I completely agree with everything you say.

      However, I have to clarify that my post is not about praising the royals or the newborn, but mostly looking at celebrities (who are women and mothers in general) under a feministic lens. I have clarified that I wasn’t interested in Kate just because she married a royal, but became interested the moment I see the impact that she brings to the people, albeit not as significant or important as other people may think. My post was especially meant to praise Kate (not the royal family or royals in general) for being different from her other celebrity counterparts despite being under heavy spotlight and scrutiny to be so and so. Kate sort of smashes the stereotype on how famous women ‘should be’ in the public; filed with drama, go crazy, be provocatively sexy etc… But then again, she is a ‘different’ kind of famous, so I can’t really compare.

      But of course, if you want to go philosophical on the British royal family’s stance (or any royal family) in society, your comment is very much relevant to shed a bit of thought on the whole royal craze. It annoys me just as much to see how people can get really crazy on something without realizing the ugly it actually is. But then again, what is truly pure these days? Even the most cutest baby we see in public and all the pictures is the most loudest and annoying baby in private whose parents suffer in taking care of it. Even the most free and just country is the most evil one for bringing destruction and pain with it.

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