The perks of being in a relationship – other than all that cuddling and cheesy things.

Being in a relationship can be both a curse and a blessing. Although it is all fun and games, you tend to realize that it can be pretty frustrating at times – you don’t like some of his attitudes, he doesn’t understand you enough, cheesy gushy mushy things is not as mushy any more etc… But I’m not going to talk about the cons of being in relationship however, we’ll save that bit for another day.

Today, I will talk about the good side of being in a relationship. No, look pass through all the cuddling and kissing. There are more awesome things about being in a relationship than just cuddle, kissing and sex, mind you!

The Perks Of Being In A Relationship, As Told By Jasmine

1. You’re immune to all cute/hot/gorgeous guys

As your friend gush over that hot guy in school/work/mall/by the roadside, you look over and go, “Meh.” Best part is that you can fearlessly go up to that guy and be yourself (normal and all), where as your girlfriends will be all girly and weird around him. Possible giggles and hair twirling is expected, and you’re like, “Whoa, look at them!”

2. Farting in the open is awesome

Need I say more?

3. No more porn

Well, I wouldn’t say that you would ignore porn completely, just merely saying that you don’t need to depend on porn as much. “What porn? I have the real thing!”

4. You have someone to play with

I once put make-up on my boyfriend as he was sleeping. He didn’t mind and I was having the time of my life, literally! Half an hour later, boyfriend woke up and screamed as a proudly put the mirror in front of his face. Haha! For our one year anniversary, I took him to his first manicure session. He was terrified, though I know that deep inside he sort of enjoyed it!

5. You learn about yourself more

People rarely talk about this and even if they do, most of us wouldn’t know what ‘learning about ourselves’ mean. Pre-relationship times meant that I would happily walk away from people who piss me off, thinking that I shouldn’t waste my time over them. Unfortunately, you can’t do that with your partner. You have to talk it out, face your problems and then work together to fix it. Relationships also make you realize the importance of good communication because you don’t talk, shit would just happen when it could be avoided.

It’s still a work in progress, but we’ll get there eventually. Or never get there, we’ll see. We constantly learn about ourselves more as we have others to test us of our strengths and weaknesses.

So what about you? Any other reason why it’s awesome to be in a relationship? Please, no mushy gushy stuff allowed.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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