Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ Feminist parody

Did anyone watch this yet? They made big news when their video was taken off from Youtube. What a joke!

However, Youtube has since reinstated their video and it’s now up and running. Watch it and read further!

It’s PG13 (somewhat), definitely not NSFW (somewhat).

My thoughts:

Of course I’d say awesome. I think it’s fantastic! Brilliant! Major in your face men!

But of course, when I’m saying this, I’m dedicating this music video to not ALL men, but some.

1. Men who uses and abuses women

2. Men who view women as weak and useless. If there is one thing useful for us, it’s to poke our vaginas. Fuck you.

3. Men who do not allow women to rise up the ladder. Fuck you too.

4. Men who view women as items to decorate themselves with.

5. Men who disrespect women.

6. Men who carries on sexual harassment especially as women walk by the street and they would grope, cat whistle, block their path etc… Those men are disgusting.

This video however is definitely not dedicated to the many men who are real men. Who have no fear what so ever that a woman rises up together or above them but feel proud that that happened to all women.

I love you.

Okay okay, I get you. Feminists every where are slapping their foreheads looking at this. How is this making us any more better when we do what those men do? If anything, it degrades us even more and give (some) men a reason to be the bigger bitch that they are. I get you.

But we need this shock effect once in a while I suppose. It’s the only way to shake people up.

But anyway, you be the judge.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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