“I just want to see who are my real friends are” – Facebooks and Birthdays

You know, I don’t understand why people have these tendencies to ‘test’ who their ‘real’ friends are through Facebook. 

“Oh now you remember my birthday? I don’t think you’d wish me if Facebook didn’t tell you!”

(On privatizing their birthdays) “I’m only doing this to see who my real friends are. Real friends remember birthdays without Facebook’s help.”

“Thanks guys for the birthday wishes. You’re my only true friends here, I guess.”

“How can you not remember my birthday? I didn’t need Facebook to remind me, you know.”

Seriously people! Stop being such divas!

I’m sorry people don’t remember your birthday. I’m sorry your GREAT friends don’t remember your birthday which is incredibly absurd since you remember theirs, right? Well, it happens, get over it. It doesn’t mean that your friends  love you any less, believe me. I forget people’s birthdays all the time because I’m just shit with remembering dates unless your birthday is associated to an extremely significant date in my life – like my great grandpa’s funeral. Rachel, you’re a 13th January baby!

And technically, Facebook didn’t ‘tell’ me about your birthday, YOU told me. You purposely put your birthday on Facebook because you secretly want everybody to wish you on your birthday. Come on, stop lying. Don’t even try to bullshit your way through this.

To those who say things like, “It’s not my birthday! My friends were trolling by dropping me that birthday wish. OMG! I can’t believe you actually believe that it’s my birthday!!”

Ugh. You’re the worse kind, especially if you are genuinely pissed off at your friends! I can’t even… :/

Seriously though, the last thing you should be worried right now is not that people depend on Facebook to remember your birthday (unless of course, they’re your siblings, then you should be extremely angry!!), but rather, be worried about what’s happening in the world today! The wars! The poverty! The discrimination!

But hey, happy birthday :)

See, I didn’t have to have Facebook for this one now, do I?

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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