Article of the day: ‘Khalwat Raids Against Islam Principles’

I ‘liked’ a page on Facebook which basically features news stories of things that happened around the world and especially Malaysia. Unfortunately, I recently stopped following them because I absolutely hate that they keep posting stories of people getting caught having sex outside of marriage.

You see, in Malaysia, we have various Islamic groups who, if get tipped, would raid houses, bars etc for ‘improper’ behaviour. I hate that all the news article that I read are mostly headlines such as, “Mother of three caught with lover”, “Wife cheats on husband with another man”, “Women ashamed of what she did”, “Factory worker got caught with boyfriend” etc etc…

It’s ALL about women!

It’s annoying because you RARELY hear stories about men getting caught. RARELY. I think out of 10 articles on the website, 1 would be a story on how a husband got caught cheating his wife and his wife would beat him up or kill him or something. See, another bad rep for women!

Anyway, I found this HIGHLY interesting article about a religious leader saying that raiding people’s private spaces in the name of Islam is actually against the basic principle of Islam itself. Oh, the irony!

Read here: ‘Khalwat Raids Against Islam Principles

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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