Video of the day: Kids React To Same Sex Marriage

Now this is something to ponder upon. As a social science major, my friends and I constantly discuss about topics on well, society. We ask ‘dumb’ questions, or rather, the most basic questions, in order to get answers. Often times, you don’t have to ask hard questions to get minds going, you just have to ask simple yet thought-provoking questions and you’re good to solve the world’s mysteries.

The kids in this video, though most agree that same-sex marriage is “Okay”, some, as expected, are against it. It’s interesting to note that however, despite not being okay with same-sex marriage, learning about some unknown world facts on the status of same-sex marriage/relationships made them change their minds. Example of facts such as the status of legalized same-sex marriage in the United States where only 14 out of 50 states have legalized same-sex marriage, or that in some countries, there are death penalties for those found gay.

I like the response of one kid who was consistently saying, “It’s not okay”. When he was asked why he thought it was not okay, he stopped and thought to himself and then said, “I don’t know”.

Many people have the same problems too. They keep telling each other that same-sex marriage is not okay but they cannot prove why other than, “It’s against the religion” which was also discussed as part of the reason same-sex marriage was seen as wrong – “Because my religion says so” or that “If you legalize a man marrying a man, then you’re opening doors to the legalization of many other things such as people marrying animals, siblings, children etc…

The same goes with Malaysians being ‘taught’ to hate Jews. Many Malaysians were told to hate Jews because of the Palestine-Israel conflict but many do not know that the conflict is more complicated than just mere “we’re Muslim, they’re not so we should support our Muslim brothers and sisters”.

I remember being in a mock round table discussion on the Palestine-Israel conflict and we had to delve deeply into the issue and learn why in the end none of the countries can come to a conclusion and I understood why. It’s not just about religion, which often have nothing to do with it whatsoever, but rather, the sharing of land, water, laws, religious places etc that plays a big part in the conflict, on top of various countries trying to ‘represent’ and ‘help’ either one of the two countries which makes matters worst. It’s stupid, very stupid.

What are your thoughts on same-sex marriages or relationships?

On another note, I think Asian countries need to have this to represent another point of view. These are all views from only one country, it’ll be interesting to hear views from other countries too.


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