THE SUMANDAK MOVEMENT, when anger turns to art.

When I wrote ‘Public Harassment and Cat Calling, How I Handle Them‘, I was angry and I was tired. Tired of all the bullshit men throw at me without thinking to themselves, “Hey, maybe I should stop making women uncomfortable because I’m a jerk for doing this”.

My anger didn’t stop in my blog though. No no. I decided that I should probably bring it to print. So, I contributed a story with the same issue for my school magazine accompanied by real life stories of street harassment that women I personally know, went through.

A snippet of my article in my school magazine.

I wanted everyone to know how I feel about street harassment and for them to know that they are not alone, that somewhere out there, someone is going through the same thing too and she will represent the lot to speak out.

This need to empower women and give them voices eventually went up a notch when I decided to create a play out of it. I mean, WHY NOT? I have an outlet to do just that through the Green Leaf Theatre House, so why not use it to my full advantage?

So off I go, writing and brainstorming for a script, assembling my performers and finding creative people to design the poster as well as other bits and pieces that I wish to remain a surprise ;)

Finally, ‘THE SUMANDAK MOVEMENT: My Name Is Not HEY BABY‘ came to life and we will showing it to everyone this coming 13th and 15th December!

Sumandak means ‘Young Lady’ in Native Sabahan language.

What makes this production incredibly special is that we feature various REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES of street harassment that many of the audience would find familiar, especially our female audience. It hits close to home and for others, it will be an eye-opening experience.

With a creative blend of humour, anger, frustration and joy all present in the many short sketches that paints various sexual harassment experiences, THE SUMANDAK MOVEMENT: My Name Is Not HEY BABY is a production that would leave audiences enchanted, enraged and most importantly, empowered.


For tickets, please call/SMS/Whatsapp +60165099421 / +60163963398 or email, or drop a message on our Facebook page.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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