ASSUME; An anti-poem.

ASSUME = Making an ASS of U and ME.

Assuming sucks.
It consumes you.
It eats you up and makes you crazy.
You should stop assuming and start questioning.
Stop thinking and start planning,
of ways on how you can ask them why they did what they did,
and what you did was wrong to them.

Stop assuming.
I wish I can tell you that the opposite always happen.
The truth is it might not, and what you assume may be true.
But you need to stop thinking about it,
it’s not worth it.
Ask them straight,
be blunt if it makes you feel better.

Ask them.
Ask them over and over again, never stop.
Even if it annoys them, don’t stop.
Would you rather have an annoyed friend or a wrong assumption,
that could potentially ruin your relationship with them?
Misconception, miscommunication, assumption…
They destroy relationships, they destroy you.
So ask them.
Ask them over and over again, never stop.

And you.
Stop thinking negative things.
Stop doing that to yourself.
You’ll be sick if you do.
Stop putting all these negative thoughts in your head.
You don’t deserve this.
In time you’ll realize that it was all a mistake,
one that is worth laughing on.
So stop assuming,
Just stop.

Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is from tropical Borneo. She loves traveling, fashion and all things lifestyle.

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