Note: This post is of blogger’s personal opinion and is not targeted at anybody in particular. She understands that whatever is written in this post does not apply to EVERYBODY, so don’t get too annoyed.

I have a problem with social media and special occasions. I feel that the combination of the two kind of ruin the authenticity of emotions being exhibited. What I mean is that, sometimes, when there’s a worldwide celebration (or any celebration) such as Father’s or Mother’s Day, I tend to feel ‘pressured’ to wish my parents by posting something on Facebook or Instagram because EVERYONE IS DOING IT.

It’s kind of one of those peer pressure thing, you know. If you don’t do it, you’re not a good child or something. I resisted doing it today for Father’s Day, only to eventually do it because everyone was doing it. I know, I was weak. Hah. But prior to uploading a picture of my sister and I together with our dad, I made a point to personally wish my dad first which I reckon some of us completely forgot to do and depended on Facebook tags to ‘notify’ our dads that we wished them. Really though, guys! Stahhhpppp!

What I find most weird is when people wished their grandparents or parents something (birthday etc…) on social networking sites (without any tagging them or anything) and I’m like, “but do your parents/grandparents have Instagram though? How do they know that you wished them or is this some kind of thing that you do to ‘show off’ to your peers?

And sometimes I find it weird when people who clearly hates their dad/mom/sister/brother/whatever is wishing them Happy Birthday and showing how much they ‘love’ them and ‘miss’ them. I mean, really though, you know you don’t have to right, just because everyone is doing it. Unless for some reason you’re feeling nostalgic and so guilty that you wanted to genuinely express your gratitude, then cool.

In saying these though, I just have to say that I’m not targeting anyone in particular. It was just something that came into my head when I was contemplating on whether I should post something for Father’s Day and stuff. No, not feeling bitter or anything. Probably a bit bitter and annoyed because I have a potpourri of emotions in me thanks to the exams, but yeah. All cool.

That said, Happy Father’s Day to all. (no, no irony here as I am genuinely wishing all dads out there, mine included.)

EDIT: On another note, I do acknowledge that some people find sharing what they feel online is therapeutic. I do too. Like, sharing a picture of my late grandfather and me on Facebook and writing about my emotions and what not and having people to leave encouraging comments and wise words is sometimes really nice. That part I get.


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