Robin Williams’ death hits home. It seems all too familiar for me. A happy, funny guy turned out to be incredibly depressed. He had suicidal tendencies and finally, his demons got the best of him. When I knew about his death on how he was found hanging on a belt with cuts on his wrists, I froze.

This was all too familiar.

If you have followed my blog all these years, you know how strongly I feel about depression and suicides. Someone I looked up to took his own life. It was shocking to many of us – his family, peers, colleagues and students, especially his students, us.

Mr. D was an incredible guy and I’m not just saying this because he has passed, but he genuinely is an incredible guy. He would always dance to Black Eyed Peas’ “I Got A Feeling” in class. We would all feel ashamed. It felt like our dad was trying to embarrass us by dancing the daddy dance, but it was one of the main thing that reminded me of him.

Me fooling around during our last day of school as Mr. D was explaining something to some of my classmates.

Mr. D was not the only person I know who took their lives. My sister’s friend killed herself during New Years’ Day this year, a schoolmate set himself on fire while my friend’s brother hung himself and was found out later on by his own grandmother.

Depression is real and it’s deadly. It’s not something that you can just snap out of it and it’s definitely not a cry for attention.

Robin Williams’ death has definitely brought forth the darkness of depression. In an article by Elite Daily, they reported that…

As a tragically misunderstood disease, depression gets thrown into everyday conversations without many people recognizing the seriousness in the word. When people use it in casual conversation, they are usually referring to something much less serious; the word itself serves as a synonym for mere sadness instead of its true meaning.

I wished it didn’t have to end like this for all these people, my lecturer and Robin Williams, but it did and that sucks so much. It’s such a sad and dark place to go into alone, feeling that the world is better off without you. It’s not, the world needs you, the world needs them.

I just wish that they’re not feeling pain any more now that they did what they think would end the pain. Sigh.

Well, rest in peace Mr. Williams, say hi to them for me.


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